3 Ways To Tell If Your iPhone is Unlocked: What Does It Mean If An iPhone is Unlocked?  

If you buy an unlocked iPhone, you can use it with any GSM carrier. Knowing whether or not an iPhone is locked is essential if you are trying to buy a used iPhone or are considering selling or giving away your present handset. And so, what is the protocol?

There are three methods to determine if an iPhone is unlocked, with a fourth option of contacting Apple. To quickly find this information, open the Settings app and navigate to the “About” section of the “General” menu. When an iPhone has been unlocked, the “Carrier Lock” section will show “No SIM Restrictions.”

The other two choices are not as straightforward and will require more work on your part. Let’s dive deep into all three approaches to determine which one best verifies that your iPhone is unlocked.


What Does It Mean If An iPhone is Unlocked?

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There are no restrictions on which carriers you can use with an unlocked iPhone. If the user travels internationally, it can connect to foreign service providers as well as those at home. However, locked iPhones can only be used with a single service provider.

The iPhone is often locked until the contract is paid in full if it is purchased through a service carrier. On the other hand, an iPhone purchased from an Apple retail store is more likely to be sim-free.

The freedom to use it however you like is the greatest benefit of having an unlocked iPhone. As an example, you are not restricted to using a single service provider but are instead free to choose whatever one best suits your needs. This implies you can still use your iPhone in foreign countries. Put in a SIM card from a service provider in your area and you’re good to go.

Finally, if your iPhone is unlocked, you can take advantage of both SIM card slots. With this, you won’t lose any data or service as you switch from one provider to another.

Find out if the iPhone you wish to buy is locked or unlocked before purchasing from an authorized dealer. On the other hand, there are various methods to determine if a phone is unlocked before buying it from a private seller, a friend, or a family member.

How To Check If Your iPhone is Unlocked

It’s important to note that if you’re the original purchaser, you can always call your phone carrier and ask them to check for you to see if your iPhone is unlocked before we explain the procedures you can take to do so yourself.

Also, you might find the answer to your question by following one of these procedures:

How to Check if Your iPhone is Unlocked in Settings

Here’s how to check if your iPhone is locked from the Settings menu:

I’m going to need you to open the Settings menu.
To view the device’s specifications, go to the “General” menu and then “About.”
To find “Carrier Lock,” please scroll to the very end of the page.
If “No SIM Restrictions” appears under Carrier Lock, your iPhone is unlocked.
However, if your iPhone is one of the many that does not show the SIM lock status, this method may not work for you.

Disabling the Carrier Lock will result in the following restrictions. The good news is that you don’t have to worry because there are two more options.

Check If Your iPhone is Unlocked With the SIM Card

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This approach is more difficult than the last one. You’ll need two SIM cards, one from each carrier, for this to work. The procedure is as follows:

Put your iPhone to sleep. Before attempting this procedure, you must turn off the power to your device to prevent any irreparable damage.
To access the SIM card, you’ll need either a SIM card tool (available on Amazon) or a paper clip.
Get rid of the SIM card.
Put a SIM card from a different network provider on the tray. Close the door and slide the tray back in. The second SIM card must be the same physical size as the first.
Just turn the phone back on and see if you can get through.
If your iPhone is locked, the call will not go through. If it isn’t, you’ll see an error message whenever you try to dial a number.

How to Check If Your iPhone is Unlocked Using The IMEI Number

International Mobile Equipment Identity is the abbreviation used to describe mobile devices. The IMEI of a cellphone is a 15-digit number that is specific to that device. Manufacturers and carriers utilize this number for a variety of purposes, including tracing lost or stolen mobile devices.

In this case, the number is helpful because it may be entered into a website to determine whether or not the iPhone is unlocked. While there is no shortage of internet resources, only a select few can be relied upon to provide what they promise for nothing in return. This strategy should, therefore, be employed only as a last resort. How it operates is as follows:

To access “General,” launch Settings.
Find the IMEI by selecting “About” and scrolling down.
Take down the IMEI and the serial number from the About page’s uppermost column.
The next step is to enter the IMEI number into a free IMEI tool on the web and the rest of the information that is asked. The online tool will reveal the status of your iPhone’s lock once you’ve entered the necessary information.

How To Unlock Your iPhone

To use an iPhone on a different network, you must contact your carrier to have it unlocked. Getting your iPhone unlocked is as easy as contacting Apple and asking for assistance. Your device will be checked for compatibility with the unlocking service. These are the procedures you need to take to activate the unlocked status once they’ve unlocked your device:

Obtain a SIM card from a different service provider. Your smartphone must be compatible with the SIM card.
The present SIM card must be removed by opening the SIM card tray using a SIM card tool.
You can start using your iPhone again after inserting a new SIM card.
If you don’t have access to a spare SIM card, proceed as follows:

Make a copy of your iPhone using whatever manner you like.
After you’ve made a backup of your iPhone, you can delete everything on it.
To complete the unlocking process, restore your device’s data from the backup you made.


By unlocking your iPhone, you will be able to use it with any of your preferred local or international service providers. This facilitates the process of selling or donating your iPhone.

Your service provider will be able to tell you if your device is locked or not. Alternatively, you might make advantage of any of the other possibilities we’ve outlined. You can check TheActiveNews.Com for the most recent information.

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