8 Solutions To Fix It!: Update Your Car Stereo

The seamlessness of CarPlay’s operation is its defining feature.

This is why it’s so annoying when your CarPlay microphone suddenly stops working in the middle of a Siri dictation or voice command.

Try resetting your CarPlay connection and repairing your device if you are experiencing issues with your microphone. Change to a wireless network if that doesn’t work. You should also make sure your gadgets have the most recent firmware installed. If you’ve tried these steps and they haven’t worked, it may be time to contact customer care.

The purpose of this piece is to explain how to repair a non-functioning CarPlay microphone.

In just 8 simple steps, you can rectify the situation!


1. Ensure That Siri Is Enabled

The CarPlay feature can’t be used unless Siri is installed. Perhaps you haven’t activated the microphone settings yet, and that’s why it’s not picking up any sound.

Follow these steps to activate Siri:

Select “Siri & Search” from your iPhone’s menu of options.
Get in the habit of listening for “Hey Siri” by activating that setting.
To test if your CarPlay microphone still functions after activating Siri, try using it once more.

hey siri - fix CarPlay Microphone Not Working

After making sure Siri is turned on, check your iPhone’s audio preferences.

Warning Only for iOS 15 and lower: (

Choose “Privacy & Security” from the iPhone’s settings menu when you’re driving. Choose “Microphone” and then activate CarPlay. Try this and see if it helps the situation.

2. Check if Your Mic Is Muted

When everything else fails, check to verify if your microphone is muted.

Even if CarPlay is enabled and can access your microphone, your device will not pick up voice commands if this is the case.

Simply tapping the microphone symbol will turn your microphone back on. Nonetheless, this mostly depends on the automobile model in question.

3. Clean Microphone Openings

cleaning car a microphone opening - fix CarPlay Microphone Not Working

Inspect the iPhone’s and the car’s infotainment system’s microphone apertures.

Your microphone won’t work properly if its components are clogged with lint, dust, or other dirt.

Use a gentle, dry, lint-free cloth to lightly brush the microphone openings to clean them.

Try to avoid the temptation to use a blower, since this could cause irreparable harm to your microphone despite its seeming convenience.

4. Use a Different USB Cable

iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay

Using the incorrect USB cord could be the cause of your CarPlay microphone’s ineffectiveness.

Not all USB cables included with aftermarket CarPlay systems are of sufficient quality to support Apple’s CarPlay technology.

What’s more, cables can break or wear out over time, reducing their usefulness.

Swap the USB cable out and see if that helps. Mi-Fi certifies Apple-compatible USB cords, so you know they’ll function with CarPlay.

For additional info, check out our best CarPlay lighting cable guide.

5. Try Connecting Wirelessly Using wifi and Bluetooth

If resetting the cords doesn’t help, try establishing a wireless connection using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Before starting, make sure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on.

Getting a wireless adaptor may be necessary if your vehicle doesn’t have built-in wireless connectivity.

Even if you went to such lengths, there’s a chance the microphone problem might persist.

6. Forget Car and Re-Pair Your Device

*The aforementioned illustration depicts my Wi-Fi setup, but the underlying ideas are the same. Getting to the automobile was out of the question due to the freezing temperatures.

Several issues might arise from a malfunctioning connection between your iPhone and CarPlay, including a malfunctioning microphone. The solution is as follows:

Disconnect your iPhone from CarPlay in the car’s media system’s settings.
To prevent your phone from connecting automatically during pairing, select “Forget” from the menu.
Once you’ve finished pairing your iPhone, you’ll need to restart it.
At long last, repeat the pairing process between your iPhone and CarPlay.
When using your iPhone, you can also “forget” your car’s wireless network.

7. Update/Restart Your iPhone

If nothing else works, trying restarting your iPhone may be the answer.

Get the most recent iOS version installed on your iPhone first.

Use the menu item “Settings” to access “General” and then “Software Update” to complete the process. To the extent that an update is offered, it should be implemented.

iphone settings area for how to update carplay

8. Update Your Car Stereo to the Latest Firmware Update

You may have trouble with your car’s audio system if restarting your iPhone doesn’t fix the problem.

If your car’s stereo is giving you difficulty, try following the manufacturer’s troubleshooting steps.

A firmware upgrade may be necessary for your car radio to support Apple CarPlay.

It is important to regularly check the manufacturer’s website for updates and to apply them if they are provided.

To give an example, when you update your iPhone, CarPlay on your phone is updated instantly, but the head unit software in your car is not updated if it is not made by Apple.


If you’re having trouble with your microphone in CarPlay, following the instructions above should fix the problem.

The iPhone may need to be taken to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider for a further diagnosis if the microphone still isn’t functioning.

Even so, if this is an automobile problem, you need to see the service center. You can check TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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