Adeel Raja Biography: Who Is the Adeel? (CNN News)

Amid the continuing tensions between Israel and Hamas, CNN contributor Adeel Raja, located in Pakistan, tweeted: “The world today needs a Hitler.” In the wake of a fierce response to his pro-Hitler comments, the American international media organization chose to terminate ties with him(Adeel Raja Biography).


Who is Adeel Raja?

According to an examination by the Washington Examiner, CNN reporter Adeel Raja is a Pakistani national who appears to have written multiple pieces for the CNN website. Raja’s LinkedIn page indicates that he has held the role since August of 2013 and continues to do so.

His most recent appearance in the publication’s byline dates from September 16, 2020. A “Freelance CNN Contributor” is listed on his LinkedIn page.
In response to the escalating bloodshed between Israel and Palestine, he allegedly tweeted, “The world today needs a Hitler.”

How Old is Adeel Raja?

Adeel Raja is a young man in his twenties.

Adeel Raja is a Journalist

According to his Linkedin, Raja has been working for CNN in Islamabad, Pakistan, since August 2013, and his most current byline appears to be dated September 16, 2020. For the Pakistani news network, Ayaz Ahmed is an executive producer.
According to his Twitter account, he was awarded the Defined at this stage Award for Investigative Reporter of the Year in 2016.

Pakistan’s Agahi Award is a yearly competition for Pakistani journalists.

Adeel Raja CNN News

A CNN statement said Adeel Raja’s reporting “contributed to certain news gathering efforts from Islamabad,” CNN officials said in the statement. After making such despicable remarks, though, he will no longer be associated with CNN in any manner.
Matt Dornic, a CNN spokesman, told the Dc Examiner that he had never heard of Raja and that he was ‘investigating.’

Adeel Raja Hitler

During an interview on Sunday, he claimed that “the world now needs a Hitler,” which has since been erased from his social media accounts. Only one reason I am backing Them in the finals is that Hitler was German and he did excellent with the Jews,’ Raja wrote in 2014, likely while viewing the FIFA World Cup.

‘Hail Hitler,’ he tweeted the following day.

The time stamp on Raja’s tweet indicates that it was sent out around 12:45 p.m. EDT on Sunday. The post was deleted at about 3:15 p.m.

Adeel Raja Fired

Several Twitter users have asked CNN to dismiss him and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to remove him from the social media network after his new tweet.

“This person has 54 pieces under his byline at CNN.” wrote Greg Prices, a social media associate at The Daily Caller. Whoever conducts their background checks should be fired,’ “He genuinely likes Hitler,” Craig Strathearn told me. His work for CNN dates back to 2013, so I assume they prefer to hire Nazis.'”

When CNN spokesperson Matt Dornic first said he had never heard of Raja, he then told the National Examiner and said he would no longer be able to work for CNN.

CNN has never employed Adeel Raja.” His reporting from Islamabad, where he worked as a freelancer, helped with news gathering efforts, he wrote in an email. As a result of these heinous words, he will no longer be employed by CNN in any form.

Adeel Raja Biography

Reporter Adeel Raja

He has recently revealed his thoughts on the Gaza situation on Twitter, and it looks like Raja is siding with Palestine during this time.

He tweeted on Saturday that “What the Jews have been doing in Palestine is comparable to what Indian Hindus are doing in Kashmir Issue.” “Same strategy.”

There are several Hitler references in his timeline, according to Mike Brest, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, with pictures of every time Raja used the term ‘Hitler’ in one of his tweets, and @thatcherite noted that now the FIFA World Cup tweet has indeed been live for 7 years and was only torn down on Sunday.

Adeel Raja CNN Images

Shay Patrick Cormac asked CNN if this is your guy: “Is this your guy??” and Hira Malik termed Raja a disgrace to Pakistan. ‘The world needs a Hitler.’ I’m not sure what it means by that. for more interesting news And post-stay Tuned TheActiveNews.Com.

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