All You Need To Know: How Accurate Is Find My iPhone Live?

The Live Location feature is just one of several helpful additions to the Apple Find My app. In iOS 15, Apple introduced a feature called Live Whereabouts, which allows users to track the location of other users in real-time if they have permitted for this to happen.

When activated, Live Location provides authorised viewers with a constant feed of your iPhone’s precise location updates. Turn it on in the system’s configuration menu under “Location Services,” or in the Find My applications. With Live Location, you can keep tabs on not only yourself but also other users (if they allow).

Don’t freak out if you can’t turn on or off Live Location in the Find My app. We explain how to use the functionality step-by-step down below. Keep reading to learn more.


What Does it Mean When it Says Live in Find My iPhone?

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If your iPhone or other Apple device is misplaced or stolen, you can use the Find My app to track it down. Live Location is only one of many special features that the Find My app offers.

If you and your friends or family turn on Live Location, you can see where everyone is right now. With iOS 15, the Live feature will show your current position alongside that of other iPhone users in real-time.

When on, the Apple servers will always display your current location rather than requiring you to manually refresh and reload the data. The Live Location functions provide real-time updates on locations, facilitating faster and more accurate communication with friends and acquaintances.

What Is the Difference Between Live and Now on Find My iPhone?

Apple updated the Find My app with the release of iOS 15. Keep in mind that the Find My app is used to periodically refresh your and other users’ positions, making it difficult to pin down an exact location. This app has the “Live Location” and the “Now” buttons.

These days, a person’s location is a frozen snapshot in time, taken at the instant you check it.
Real-time, dynamic interpretation of someone’s location.
Provided the other user permits you, Live Location in iOS 15 makes it simple to track their whereabouts in real-time. The function is set up to facilitate communication between users.

How Accurate Is Find My iPhone Live?

An Apple Find My app user’s Live Location is usually spot on. The app’s accuracy is the same as your device’s GPS, thus it’s vulnerable to the same problems that other apps have. If your gadget has a good signal, for instance, it should be precise to within 20 feet of your actual location.

But if your device’s signal is weaker, you could see pinpoint accuracy concerns anywhere from 100 feet to a mile away. Furthermore, GPS accuracy can degrade in some settings, such as underground or in the middle of nowhere.

How Do You Get Live on Find My iPhone?

When you get a new phone, you should always turn on the Find My feature. Live Location, however, typically requires a manual toggle. Detailed explanations of each procedure follow.

How to Enable Find My iPhone

As was previously noted, the Find My app is usually activated when a new smartphone is purchased. If you want to use Live Location, you’ll need to turn it on. Since the Find My app cannot be activated remotely, you must do so before you need it. Just follow these steps:

Enter the iPhone’s configuration menu.
To locate your account, pick your name and then the Find My option.
If you’d like your loved ones to know where you are right now, choose the Share My Location option.
To activate Find My Device, go to Settings and then click the Find My Device option.
An iPhone can display its lack of network connectivity by activating the Find My Network feature.
If you have your iPhone set to automatically send its location to Apple whenever its battery is low, you should enable Send Last Location.
Verify that your device’s location can be viewed on a map by activating the Location Services function. Head to “Settings,” “Privacy,” and “Location Services” to turn on the feature. Turn the feature on by toggling its status to the green position.

How to Enable Live Location on Find My

What is location services question during update of iOS

Use the Live Location function of the Find My app to track down your loved ones. In case someone needs to see you immediately, such as in an emergency or during a scheduled meeting, you can enable the feature to disclose your Location. Just follow these steps:

Enter the iPhone’s configuration menu.
Proceed to the Settings menu and select Privacy.
Toggle Location Services on by selecting the checkbox to the left of the heading. If all went well, the toggle would change from grey to green, signifying that the function had been successfully activated. If the switch is in the “on” position, the Location is functioning.
After that, open the Settings app, then go to Your Name to activate Find Mine with your Apple ID.
Select Find Me.
Click the Find Your iPhone button. Put the switch in the “on” position to start using the function.
The next step is to allow the app to access your location through GPS. Then, return to the Settings menu, tap Privacy, and choose Location Services.
Identify where I am.
Increase the platform drop-down menu that allows for GPS access. Click While This App Is Open. From the same settings menu, you can activate Precise Location.
Open Find My, then select Me from the menu that appears.
When you see the option to “Share My Location,” click it. Next, choose the option that allows the app to access your iPhone’s location.
Launch Find Me again, and this time tap the plus sign that should appear next to the People button.
Go to the location-sharing menu.
Select the user’s name or phone number in the To field to share your current GPS location with them. The name should be chosen once it appears. Any number of users can be added in this manner. When you’re finished, tap the checkmark in the top right corner and select Send.
Finally, set the duration for which you’d like your Location to be visible to others. Then, choose your favoured choice to begin broadcasting your GPS immediately. When you invite someone to your location, that person should show up under “People.”

How Do You Turn off Live Location on iPhone?

In some cases, the Live Location feature actually becomes more of a burden than an aid. Turning on Live Location is required before your Location can be used. If you want to stop using Live Location, you must first switch off location sharing. Here’s how it’s done:

Launch the Find My iPhone app.
Locate the People menu and open it.
Pick the people you wish to have no access to your GPS data.
On the next screen, click the button labelled “Stop Sharing Location.”
Simply click the “OK” button in the alert window to confirm your choice.
Or, you can close the Me window to cut off access for everyone who is logged in. To turn off the location feature, simply toggle it to the “grey” position.

How to Disable Friend Requests for Live on the Find My App

If you don’t want other people using your GPS signal, you can disable location requests in the Find My app. If you take the precautions listed below, nobody will be able to ask for your current location. Just follow these steps:

Initiate the iPhone’s Find My app.
Check out the “Me” section of the app’s menu.
The option to accept friend requests must be activated.
To disable requests, click the side button and slide the toggle to the grey position. Your Live Location will no longer be available to be requested by other users.

How to Connect With Users on Find My

Finding other users on the Find My app shouldn’t be too difficult. How to see someone’s location after they’ve permitted you:

Initiate the iPhone’s Find My app.
To view a specific user, click the tab labelled “People.”
Where they are right now must be displayed on the map. Additional information, such as their current speed and potential rest stops, can be provided by clicking on their name.

You can locate them to display their full address and available methods of contact. The Find My app can also reveal your location, give you directions, and alert you to any movements.

How to Find Users Who Haven’t Shared Their Locations

If another user has made their location public, it is easy to locate them. The instructions below are for users other than yourself.

To begin, use the Find My iPhone app.
To view all users who have made their locations public, head over to the People tab. If they haven’t permitted you to view their GPS signal, you won’t be able to.
Click the person you want to ask about their current location by going to the People menu.
To request a Live Location, please scroll down to the appropriate section.
When you tap that button, the other user will receive a notification from the Find My app. If they agree, you can view their Live Location.

Can Find My iPhone Find My Other Apple Devices?

Iphone Maps

Apple’s Find My app is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices. Once you pair your iPhone with other Apple devices, the Find My app will be activated on all of them immediately.

If you want to be able to track down your various gadgets even if they’re turned off or offline, you’ll need to activate Find My Network. Simply adhering to the below instructions will guarantee a successful connection between all of your gadgets.

Enable Find My for AirPods Pro or AirPods Max

Select Bluetooth from the Settings menu.
To learn more about a certain gadget on the list, use the More Info option.
Discover the Find My Network option.
To use Find My Network, you must first make it visible by setting the switch to the “green” position.

Enable Find My for the Apple Watch

Access the Watch’s configurations from the device’s home screen.
To continue, please select your name.
Use the down arrow to get to your Apple Watch.
Select Find My Watch after clicking the watch’s name.
To use Find My Network, you must first make it visible by setting the switch to the “green” position. You can check TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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