Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death: His Death Was Confirmed in The Hospital

Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death: On this day in March in Miami, Florida: The medical examiner who examined Anna Nicole Smith’s body on Monday concluded that she died last month from an accidental prescription medication overdose.

Broward County’s medical examiner, Dr. Joshua A. Perper, reported traces of multiple narcotics, including muscle relaxants, pain remedies like methadone, and multiple anti-anxiety medications, in Ms. Smith’s body. According to Dr. Perper, she died of mixed drug intoxication, with chloral hydrate being the principal drug involved in her death.

Dr. Perper revealed at a news conference in Dania Beach that bacterial infection and the intestinal flu were to blame. The bacterial infection may have been spread via a contaminated needle used for injection. Her system showed no signs of having any unlawful substances in it. Check About This Larry David Net Worth

His Death Was Confirmed in The Hospital

Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death: Ms. Smith, a former Playboy centerfold, model, and reality television personality, was found unconscious on February 8 in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood by a private nurse. She was confirmed dead that afternoon at a local hospital despite numerous attempts at resuscitation.

Ms. Smith had just given birth to her daughter, Dannielynn, when her son, Daniel, 20, took a fatal medication combination and died.

After investigating, Dr. Perper determined that suicide was not the cause. According to him, Ms. Smith’s acquaintances reported that she was in “excellent overall spirits” during her planned four-night vacation to South Florida from the Bahamas. She had a dancing class on February 4 in preparation for a music video and an event to advertise the diet supplement TrimSpa, for which she was paid. Read More About Colt McCoy Net Worth

There was no sign of foul play, according to Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger.

Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death: Since it was personal, Dr. Perper declined to reveal whose physicians had prescribed Ms. Smith’s numerous drugs. But he did mention that Ms. Smith ran a temperature of 105 the night she landed in South Florida; he speculates that this was due to an infection brought on by the “longevity medications” she had injected into her buttocks; these included vitamin B12, immunoglobulins, and human growth hormone.

Instead of going to the ER, Ms. Smith took an ice bath to reduce her fever, took some medication for the flu and some antibiotics, and then went to sleep. Over the next few days, she recovered, but she continued using chloral hydrate, a medicine commonly recommended in the 19th century but rarely done so now, to help her sleep. Must Read About This DJ Khaled Net Worth

He warned that “when numerous medications act together, they may often have unforeseen and harmful results.”

Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death

A legal battle ensued in Broward County after Ms. Smith’s death over whether her mother or her companion at the time of her death, Howard K. Stern, should be granted custody of her remains. After a lengthy legal battle, the judge appointed guardian for Ms. Smith’s young daughter took control of her body and buried her in the Bahamas next to her son.

The identity of Dannielynn’s father and whether she is entitled to a portion of the fortune of Ms. Smith’s former husband, a Texas oil billionaire who died in 1995, are contentious legal issues. For more updates, you can visit on TheActiveNews.Com.