Apple CarPlay Freezes Up: How To Fix It?: Factory Reset Your iPhone

Have you ever been driving along and all of a sudden the Apple CarPlay interface stops responding to your commands? Do you feel this way?

Unfortunately, this is a rather common issue, but there are some solutions worth trying.

If your Apple CarPlay has frozen, try using a different USB cable. Not working? Try updating your iPhone and resetting the network settings. There’s an issue with Apple Maps as well, so you might want to look elsewhere for directions. Still, frozen? It might be time to take the car in for service.

The rest of this piece will detail the steps necessary to stop Apple CarPlay from freezing. Here I will discuss the eight most prevalent causes of Apple CarPlay freezing and how to fix them.

If CarPlay has frozen, keep reading to learn how to fix it.


Why Does Apple CarPlay Freeze Up?

Your Apple CarPlay system may freeze for a variety of reasons:

Your iPhone may be experiencing a software or hardware malfunction. CarPlay issues might arise if there is a bug in the iOS software. Apple routinely releases updates to address any issues that may have arisen, so it is important to keep your iPhone up-to-date.
In addition, the hardware in your car’s entertainment system could malfunctioning. It’s common for CarPlay to malfunction due to outdated firmware or flaws in the sound system. If CarPlay unexpectedly stops responding while listening to music, the issue is likely to be with the car’s internal software.
As a last resort, check the cables connecting your iPhone to the front port; they could be faulty. Issues may arise if the cables aren’t compatible or aren’t functioning properly.

How To Fix

1. Use Apple Authentic MiFi Certified USB Cables

Apple CarPlay Freezes Up: How To Fix It?: Factory Reset Your iPhone

Apple CarPlay Freezes Up: How To Fix It?: Factory Reset Your iPhone

Using Apple Genuine MiFi Certified USB Cables can prevent your Apple CarPlay system from freezing up.

All of these cords have been tried and tested by Apple to ensure compatibility with CarPlay. It’s possible that the problems you’re having stem from the fact that you’re not utilizing a CarPlay-compatible cable.

To learn which cables are the best for charging your Apple CarPlay device, check out our post on the subject.

2. Switch From Apple Maps to Google Maps

Apple CarPlay Freezes Up: How To Fix It?: Factory Reset Your iPhone

If your CarPlay system frequently freezes while using Apple Maps, you might try using Google Maps instead.

The likelihood of issues occurring while using Google Maps is lower, and it appears to be a more trustworthy map tool overall.

There is no need to worry if you aren’t utilizing Apple Maps and CarPlay is freezing up.

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi Scanning

apple carplay freezes - ask to join network fix

With wireless CarPlay, your iPhone may scan for and connect to available Wi-Fi networks.

However, CarPlay can be disrupted by this feature. To disable it, go to your iPhone’s Settings menu and select Wi-Fi. Tap the “Ask to Join Networks” text to disable the feature.

4. Reset Network Settings

CarPlay freezes - forget wifi solution

If you are using a wireless CarPlay system and it is still freezing up, you can try resetting the WIFI network on your iPhone for use in the car.

After doing so, your car connection will be deleted and you’ll have to establish it again from scratch.

That is to say:

Launch the iPhone’s Settings menu.
Switch your device to WIFI mode.
To learn more about the WIFI network in your automobile, scroll down and click on the I button.
To delete all connections, select “Forget this network” and verify.
Bring back the regular connection

5. Update iPhone to the Latest Patch

iphone settings area for how to update carplay

Keep your iPhone on the most recent version of iOS, as was previously mentioned.

Apple is known for its frequent bug-fixing updates and patches. Start the Settings app and go to General to check for an iOS update on your iPhone. Then select the update option under the software menu.

Select Download and Install if an update is available.

Keep in mind that any time you update your iPhone, you’re also updating CarPlay. Because the app can only be accessed on the iPhone.

6. Check for Firmware Updates From Your Car Manufacturer

If you’ve gotten this far without a solution, the issue is most likely related to the car’s operating system or hardware.

Updating the firmware on your car’s infotainment system can boost performance and iron out any kinks.

Get in touch with your car maker or visit their website to see if there are any upgrades available.

7. Have Your Dealership Install the Latest Stereo Updates

Visit your local automaker to have the newest stereo components installed in your vehicle.

These updates will make your car’s stereo system more reliable and will correct some issues that have been discovered with Apple CarPlay.

Contact your local car dealer or check out their website to learn about the most recent developments.

This option is very identical to the one just described, with the exception that the dealership will handle the update for you.

Keep in mind that you may be charged for this even if you are still covered by a warranty.

8. Factory Reset Your iPhone

You might attempt resetting your iPhone to factory settings as a last resort. Be sure to back up your iPhone’s data and settings before proceeding with this.

However, before you do this, you should try a “force restart” of your iPhone, since this might often resolve the problem.

Here’s how to accomplish it: “Press and immediately release the volume up button. Put the volume down button through a rapid press and release. Maintain pressure on the side button. As soon as you see the Apple logo, let go of the side button.

or check out the video below:

Then, if none of the above solutions have helped and your CarPlay unit is completely inoperable, try resetting your iPhone to factory settings.

reset iphone to fix apple carplay freezing

You can restore your iPhone to factory settings by:

Launch the device’s configuration menu.
Make the default option General.
Select iPhone Transfer or Reset from the menu that appears.
Confirm that you wish to reset your iPhone by tapping Erase All Content and Settings.


The freezing problem, it is hoped, has been solved after reading this post. If the issue persists, you may need to get your automobile serviced by the manufacturer.

The problems with Apple CarPlay typically have similar remedies, including the ones I’ve already listed.

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