Apple CarPlay Not Working? Here’s Some Practical Solutions: Integration Problems Between Apps

Connecting your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system digitally is easy with Apple CarPlay.

While it’s functioning, you can use your phone as a universal remote to access your favorite apps like Maps, Messages, and Music with just the sound of your voice or the tap of a finger.

There are several potential causes for Apple CarPlay not working, including software incompatibilities, app integration issues, iOS update problems, or a damaged USB cable. Other potential concerns include a lack of vehicle iPhone detection and/or problems connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth.

If your vehicle has certain problems or if your iPhone’s connection to the vehicle is disrupted in any way, the Apple CarPlay may not function as intended.

My question is why my Apple CarPlay is not functioning.

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Learn why CarPlay may be malfunctioning and how to fix it here.


1. Incompatibility Issues

Apple CarPlay troubles may arise from incompatibilities.

Apple CarPlay may not be compatible with all iPhones, and some models may need special cables to work properly.

For example, CarPlay is only available on iPhones 5 and later. Find out which models are supported by viewing the full list here:

Apple CarPlay Not Working? Here’s Some Practical SolutionsThe following are some examples of typical incompatibilities that may prevent CarPlay from functioning as intended:

Differences between apps
Harmony between gadgets
Issues with the hardware cannot be resolved
It’s possible that Apple CarPlay won’t be readily available in various international regions. See Examples Below:

Apple CarPlay not working - Country Compatibility

An aftermarket stereo may not be compatible or use out-of-date firmware.

To upgrade the firmware, go to the maker’s support page.

Problems with Apple CarPlay compatibility can arise if you have recently upgraded your car’s entertainment system to a new model or installed a new device in your vehicle (such as an aftermarket navigation device).

There’s a chance that the vehicle’s infotainment system is outdated and doesn’t work with Apple CarPlay.

How To Fix It

If you want to use CarPlay in your car, you should make sure it works with your car’s radio. When in doubt, consult the car’s user handbook or call the manufacturer.

If your car audio isn’t compatible, you can get a new one from companies like JVC, Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, or Clarion.

Verify that your iPhone’s model is supported (iPhone 5 and upwards).

Check to see if CarPlay is available in your country (See here).

2. USB Connection Issues

iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay

The USB connection between the automobile and the phone often malfunctions, which is another prevalent problem.

If Apple CarPlay isn’t working after being plugged in, check to make sure you have it plugged into the right port. Even though your new car probably has many USB ports, they may not all be compatible with Apple’s CarPlay system. The data transfer will only use one.

A frayed or broken USB cable can potentially prevent your infotainment system from functioning properly.

If you want to avoid problems with your device, you should choose a high-quality USB cable that has been certified as compatible with your device by the MFI.

How To Fix It

If your CarPlay isn’t functioning because of a USB connection problem, you can try a few things before contacting Apple help.

Among these potential answers are:

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro Flex is the best USB cable I’ve used with CarPlay, and it’s flexible and convenient. Please refer to the image below for clarification.

Apple CarPlay Not Working? Here's Some Practical Solutions: Integration Problems Between AppsApple CarPlay Not Working? Here's Some Practical Solutions: Integration Problems Between Apps

3. Connectivity Issues

BMW Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

This is only applicable to a CarPlay system that is wireless.

Apple CarPlay, an in-car infotainment system that utilizes your iPhone to play audio and video, can be connected wirelessly.

The inability to pair an iPhone using Bluetooth or a wireless network is the most frequently reported problem with Apple Wireless CarPlay.

The phone’s connection to the car’s entertainment system can become corrupted for several reasons.

The quality of the audio may also suffer if connectivity is interrupted by something else, such as a phone call or text message.

You may experience problems with Apple CarPlay when utilizing it in your car if your phone’s wifi connection is interrupted or switched off. As an added complication, other Bluetooth gadgets you have synced with your phone could be causing connectivity issues.

How To Fix It

Turning on your phone’s wifi connection or restarting the app can sometimes fix connectivity issues. If you have any Bluetooth accessories paired with your phone that could interfere with the connection between your phone and the car’s entertainment system, unpair them.

If it doesn’t work, try disconnecting the phone from the car and then reconnecting it. Please check that neither your phone’s “airplane mode” nor its Bluetooth feature is switched off. Please try these procedures to see if they resolve your Apple CarPlay connection failure.

4. iOS Update Issues

A malfunctioning iOS update is a common reason why Apple CarPlay stops functioning.

Errors such as “iPhone could not be found” and “the iPhone could not be enabled” indicate that you need to update your iOS for CarPlay.

Furthermore, some users have reported that after installing an update, CarPlay stopped functioning.

Unless you’re using an external device like a wireless CarPlay adapter, this is most likely an issue that will be fixed in a future version.

However, some automakers have very particular needs for their systems.

Some devices, for instance, could need iOS 11 or later while others need iOS 5 or later.

How To Fix

If you’re having trouble with Apple CarPlay, check to see if your iOS is up to date and running a version of the app that is compatible with your device.

Make sure you have the most recent iOS version installed on your new mobile before attempting to link it to your vehicle.

To get the latest version of iOS for your iPhone with CarPlay, do the following:

Make sure your phone is charged fully and linked to wifi, then back up any important data you may have on it.
Go to your device’s “settings” by selecting “General.”
Use the “Install Now” button on the software update screen to start the iOS upgrade.

iphone settings area for how to update carplay

5. Integration Problems Between Apps

App compatibility problems are a common cause of Apple CarPlay failure.

If you can figure this out, you may be able to get it operating again.

Integration issues between the CarPlay app and the car’s sound system can prevent CarPlay from functioning.

This typically occurs when attempting to use a third-party stereo system that requires either a newer version of iOS than what is currently loaded on your device or an earlier version of iOS.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble getting an iPhone app to operate with CarPlay, the creators may have simply neglected to update the program to make it compatible.

People frequently assume, for instance, that there must be a SoundCloud app for CarPlay, but there isn’t one.

In addition, the developers of a once-popular CarPlay email software have abandoned it, so the app is currently unusable.

How To Fix It

CarPlay issues may be traced back to faulty app integration.

Make sure the iOS on your iPhone is up-to-date and that your infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay apps.

How To Troubleshoot Your Apple CarPlay Not Working

Several other problems could arise with your Apple CarPlay.

For further information on these topics, check out the following articles:

Troubleshooting your Apple CarPlay device and identifying its underlying cause may be necessary if it is malfunctioning.

Here are several things you can do to get things functioning smoothly again.

If you’re having issues linking your automobile to your phone, check to see if your device supports Apple CarPlay.
Make sure that your wireless connections (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) are functioning properly. In the case where (wireless) CarPlay is used
To see if restarting your phone and infotainment system fixes the problems, try turning them off and back on again.
Check that the most recent iOS version is installed on your iPhone and that it is compatible with the car’s media player.
Make sure your phone’s cable is securely plugged into the relevant connector on the car’s entertainment system and that it is MFI-certified.
If your iPhone is not recognized by the infotainment system when plugged into one particular connector, try connecting it to a different port.
Your CarPlay connection might need to be reset.
Update the stereo’s firmware to the latest version.
To test if your iPhone is fixed, you should reset the settings.
Ultimately, if you’re still having issues with Apple CarPlay after attempting these solutions, you’ll need to get in touch with Apple Support.

Specific Car Make Solutions for CarPlay

The car’s brand and model may be at blame when CarPlay fails to function.

When this happens, it’s because of a flaw in the hardware. It’s usually connected to the head unit screen or USB port.

The following articles provide detailed information about key car brands that are prone to car play issues and the unique solutions available for each.

NOT YET; we’re still working on these.

Specific iPhone Solutions for CarPlay

You may be wondering why your particular iPhone model is malfunctioning, but as all iPhones run the same IOS, there is usually no distinction or explanation for the problems.

Please note that this is only compatible with the iPhone 5 and later.

Although CarPlay may be painfully slow on an iPhone 5, it is still worth it.

Presently, these iPhone models can connect:

iOS 14 iPhone
Expansion of the iPhone 14 to Plus Size
It’s the Pro version of the iPhone, version 14.
Insanely Powerful New iPhone 14 Pro Max
Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro, Latest Model
An iPhone XIII Max Pro
The 13th Generation iPhone
Mini iPhone 13
iPad Pro 12
iOS 12 on a Max Pro 6S
iPad Pro 12
Mini-12-inch iPhone
Enhanced iPhone 11
An iPhone XS Max 11 Pro
The Newest iPhone 11
An iPhone XS
iPad Pro 10.5-inch
Apple’s New iPhone X
The New iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8 Plus
We’re on the newest iPhone, the 7.
Assertion of the iPhone 7 Plus
Device: iPhone 6s
An iPhone 6s Plus
The New iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 Plus
Apple iPhone SE
An iPhone 5s
The New iPhone 5c
The New iPhone 5

Apple Carplay Not Working: Frequently Asked Questions

See some commonly asked questions if you’re struggling to figure out why CarPlay might not be working.

Why is my apple CarPlay not working, but my phone is charging?

If your iPhone is fully charged but you still can’t use CarPlay in your vehicle, the problem likely lies with the infotainment system or the pairing process between your iPhone and the automobile.

Why does my Apple CarPlay only work sometimes?

It’s likely a connectivity issue if Apple CarPlay is flaky. Make sure your charger is in good shape if you’re using a wired connection. If you’re utilizing wireless CarPlay, you need to “forget the device” and reconnect completely as if you were starting from scratch.

Final Thoughts

The Apple CarPlay feature allows users to safely interact with their iOS smartphones while behind the wheel. It’s an easy and secure way for motorists to utilize their iOS devices like iPhones and iPads without taking their eyes off the road.

It’s a convenient method for listening to music online, making phone conversations, and more. Drivers can benefit from it in several ways, including the provision of turn-by-turn navigation and additional safety features—but only when it operates as intended.

If you’re having trouble with Apple CarPlay, you can attempt the aforementioned solutions to get it working again. Visit TheActiveNews.Com for more recent information.

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