Apple Music Symbols: What Does Infinity Symbol Mean in Apple Music?

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services now because of its extensive music library and flexible pricing plans.

As well as being Apple’s recommended music player for iOS devices, it also features seamless integration with Macs. Apple Music’s rise to prominence among Android users can be attributed in large part to the app’s extensive feature set and adaptability.

This is understandable because the platform has received regular updates ever since it was first introduced.

Among the many new and noteworthy additions to the app with the release of iOS 14 is the Listen Now tab and an improved search experience.

Apple Music users will have seen the Infinity sign in the app. You likely aren’t familiar with this function if you haven’t seen this icon before. This article will explain the infinity symbol and its uses.

What Does Infinity Symbol Mean in Apple Music?

Apple Music’s new Autoplay feature is represented by the infinity symbol () throughout the app. So, if you see the infinity sign when playing a video, it just means that autoplay is enabled.

When this option is selected, the app will continuously play all of the albums and songs in your queue on the service. When the current playlist is complete, the app will automatically switch to a new playlist of songs with comparable styles and themes.

It has a functionality very similar to that of Spotify. App users should be aware that the Autoplay function will be turned on by default.

The iOS 14 update brought a number of improvements to Apple Music, including the previously mentioned Autoplay function.

The new design, which includes a customized Listen Now tab for each user, is a major improvement. The ‘Recently Played’ widget, which displays recently listened to songs and playlists, is another noteworthy innovation. Visit TheActiveNews.Com for further updates.

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