Assassin Creed Liberation HD: It Playable for Steam Lessors

The Steam listing for Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD stated that “this game will not be available until September 1st, 2022,” which prompted some people to wonder if they would lose their access to games if they bought them.

After that date, Ubisoft has confirmed to Portal that owners of the title will still be able to use its single-player, offline components. Ubisoft recently announced that it would stop supporting several older games, including 2014’s Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, as of September 1.

There will be no impact on DLC or online functionality, as indicated in our support article. Ubisoft has modified its statement to say that current owners of certain titles will still be able to view, play, or redownload them.

When these games’ online services are deactivated on September 1, 2022, our teams will be working with our partnerships to update this data across all marketplaces and will also be examining all options available for players who will be affected.

This is what we’re working toward. It’s always been our desire to do everything in our best to maintain those legacy titles accessible to players within the best possible conditions.

It is common practice for Ubisoft to discontinue internet support for older titles. On-line and online features will be disabled, although games and other single-player options will be available in most circumstances.

Rayman Legends and Anno 2070 are among the games that have been affected by the latest wave of plug-pulling, as well as the original releases of Transporter San Francisco, Ghost Recon Modern Soldier, and Assassin’s Creed 2.

There will still be support for remasters of the previous games. Although it was first released in 2012 for the PlayStation Vita, Assassin’s Creed Liberation may still be purchased as part of the Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered bundle.

The Anno 2070 programmers at Ubisoft Mainz have opted to devote some of their development efforts to upgrading Anno 2070’s aging online services network to a new regime so that these capabilities can continue for use after the indicated date. The upgrade/replacement of the old services, however, isn’t yet a foregone conclusion.

Space Junkies, a virtual reality game released in 2019, has been shut down as a multiplayer title. Ubisoft announced that players would be unable to continue playing the game going forward.

It’s expensive to keep an online game up and running; server capacity and bandwidth aren’t free, and that’s before you include the costs of providing good customer service, community management, bug patching, and game upgrades. That these games may not be accessible in the future is a sad truth of life.

A different story is told when it comes to individual games or other offline content. Digital media skeptics have been warning for some time that a chasm is opening up between what users believe they own when they purchase a game from an online store and the limited rights that purchase grants them.

Sony recently informed that individuals in Austria who purchased hundreds of Channel Plus movies and TV series via the PlayStation Store will no longer have access to them owing to the end of a licensing deal. John Wick, Paddington, and The Hunger Games are among the titles affected.

Assassin Creed Liberation HD

For the time being, Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is safe.

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