Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl: Did She Leave the Show?

“Funny Girl” producers were “blindsided” by Beanie Feldstein’s public resignation from the Broadway musical, according to sources.

We’ve heard Feldstein’s contract was intended to be for a full year, but she revealed Sunday that she’d be leaving the show on July 31 after just four months.

According to Feldstein’s statement, “I took the exceedingly tough decision to move away sooner than anticipated” once the production opted to take the production in a different route.
The “direction,” it appears, was toward Lea Michele as her replacement.

According to our insider, once Feldstein’s performance was panned and ticket sales dropped, producers lost faith in the star and abandoned the Beanie concept altogether.

According to the insider, “producers practically dismissed her.”

Despite reports that Feldstein had a one-year contract and was only scheduled to play the role until April, the show announced on social media in mid-June that there were only “14 weeks left for seeing Beanie Feldstein & Jane Lynch now until September 25th.”

One insider informs us that six months was believed to be a good end date because that was Lynch’s finish date.

Producers were “blindsided” by Feldstein’s surprise leaving announcement on Sunday night. We’ve been told by another source that the producers were only told about 30 minutes it before aired.

As one insider puts it, “the Twitter post was her leaving after she was dismissed.

One insider said of Feldstein, “she doesn’t care,” adding that the post wasn’t very smart.

However, a source familiar with the production tells us, “The producers were well aware she was making this statement and they authorized that phrasing. A producer’s email went out to the rest of the cast and crew yesterday, informing them of her final performance date and the impending exposure of her details. No one was surprised by it.”

We’ve been told by another Broadway source that the “Booksmart” actress has felt “betrayed.”

As an insider put it, “The entire creative team created a new Fanny for a new generation.” As a result, “they’ve turned on her and somewhat point fingers at her like she’s the way the company isn’t functioning.”

“Everyone around Beanie feels like they’re attacking her,” they continued. “You brought me here first place!” she exclaims.
Source: “It’s not like Beanie isn’t talented,” another comment. In her defense, she’s not to blame. She had a bad acting performance.”

Barbra Streisand originally played Brice, so Feldstein has a lot of ground to make up if she wants to succeed.

Feldstein “barely muddled through the beloved melodies,” according to a New York Post review of the revival, and he didn’t give “a Broadway-caliber performance.”

Feldstein’s voice fails her song after song, according to New York magazine. At whatever height, it is piercing and unappealing; at any lower level, the sound is pitchy and fades. It’s simply not a sound one normally hear on Broadway.”

As for Lady Bird’s performance, the New York Times remarked, “You want for her to raise the roof but she just knocks against it a little.”
There were some positive reviews as well as some negative ones. According to the Observer, she exudes “a lovely, warm honesty that makes her more approachable.

Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl

She feels like an old friend, at ease in her skin. It takes her time to warm up to you, and at first, you’re hesitant and careful. You’ll be in love by the time the interval arrives.”

“Stayed tuned for major casting announcements,” the show’s Instagram feed said around the time Feldstein was announced.

New details about Michele and Tovah Feldshuh’s upcoming roles were released by the show’s producers on Monday.

Between August 2 and September 4, Feldstein’s Brice counterpart Julie Sdn bhd was established and will take the stage.

There was no response from Feldstein or the show’s representatives when we contacted them for comment.

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