Benjamin Netanyahu Net Worth: Criminal Investigations And Indictment

Benjamin Netanyahu Net Worth: Including his current term (2009–2021), Benjamin Netanyahu has been Israel’s prime minister for a total of three terms. And then, unbelievable as it may seem, he was re-elected in November of 2022. Before serving as Foreign Minister and Minister of Finance under Ariel Sharon, he worked in the private sector in between his first two terms in office. Netanyahu, who is widely reviled both in Israel and internationally, was indicted in 2019 on allegations of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.


Benjamin Netanyahu Early Life & Education

On October 21, 1949, in Tel Aviv, Israel, secular Jewish parents Tzila and Benzion welcomed their second of three children, Benjamin. He attended Jerusalem’s Henrietta Szold Elementary School throughout his formative years. As a result, Netanyahu uprooted his family and headed for the United States, eventually settling in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. He participated in chess, debate, and soccer while at Cheltenham High School. Netanyahu returned to Israel to enlist in the IDF after completing his university studies there. After completing his military training, he spent five years serving as a combat soldier in the Israeli special forces organization Sayeret Matkal.

 Netanyahu was dismissed from the military in 1972 and immediately returned to the United States to enroll at MIT. He finished his architecture degree at MIT after briefly returning to Israel to serve in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Netanyahu later graduated with a master’s degree in management from the MIT Sloan School of Business. When his brother Yonatan was killed during Operation Entebbe, he put his doctoral studies on hold. Read More Catt Sadler’s Net Worth

Benjamin Netanyahu Career Beginnings

Netanyahu worked for the Boston Consulting Group as an economic consultant for two years after graduating from MIT in 1976. In memory of his brother, he returned to Israel and established the Yonatan Netanyahu Anti-Terror Institute. Netanyahu’s marketing career began in Jerusalem in 1980, where he worked for Rim Industries as director until 1982. After making connections with several Israeli politicians, he was appointed Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations from 1984 to 1988.

Benjamin Netanyahu Personal Life

Netanyahu wed Miriam Weizmann, his first wife, in 1972. In 1978, the couple welcomed a daughter, who they named Noa. By the end of that year, Netanyahu’s marriage to Weizmann was over after he had begun an affair with a college student named Fleur Cates. Having previously married Cates in 1981, Netanyahu and Cates later separated in 1984. A flight attendant named Sara Ben-Artzi became his third wife in 1991. They’ve raised two sons—Yair and Avner—together. Netanyahu’s affair with his public relations director Ruth Bar occurred early in their marriage.

Benjamin Netanyahu Net Worth

Benjamin Netanyahu Net Worth
Net Worth: $13 Million
Date of Birth: Oct 21, 1949 (73 years old)
Place of Birth: Tel Aviv
Gender: Male
Profession: Politician, Diplomat, Architect
Nationality: Israel

Leader of the Opposition, 1993-1996

Netanyahu returned to Israel in the late 1980s and immediately became involved with the Likud party. After the Likud party lost the Israeli parliamentary election in 1992, Netanyahu was chosen as the party’s new leader in a primary election. In the 1996 parliamentary election, he ran for the prime minister as the leader of the opposition. Netanyahu defeated Shimon Peres and became Israel’s youngest prime minister. Must Read About Lloyd Bank’s Net Worth

Prime Minister, 1996-1999

Netanyahu’s first term as prime minister was marked by his attempts at discussions with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and by his order to have Hamas leader Khaled Mashal assassinated, which strained Israel’s relations with Jordan. He also started liberalizing the economy to bring Israel closer to a free market. During his presidency, Netanyahu was plagued by multiple significant scandals involving corruption allegations and faced fierce opposition from the political left. The Likud party he led was soundly beaten by Ehud Barak’s One Israel in that year’s election.

Criminal Investigations and Indictment

Criminal investigations involving allegations of wrongdoing against Netanyahu began that same year (2017). Bribery, fraud, and trust violations were among the charges against him. With his formal indictment in November 2019, Netanyahu became the first serving Israeli prime minister to be charged with a crime. A total of 13 years in prison is possible if he is found guilty. You can read more recent articles at TheActiveNews.Com if you’re interested.