Bling Empire Net Worth: The Bling Empire Cast

The world was given a glimpse into the lavish lives of Asia’s super-rich in Crazy Rich Asians (2018). The movie’s all-Asian star cast, which included Michelle Yeoh, helped it stand apart despite being based on a book of the same name. Subsequently, in January of 2021, Netflix premiered Bling Empire, a smashing success based on a similarly real-world premise.

It follows a group of exceedingly wealthy young Asian Americans in Los Angeles. The show’s popularity skyrocketed, and its actors quickly won over viewers.

Thereafter, on 5 October 2022, Season 3 of Bling Empire appeared on Netflix, spanning 10 episodes (each of which is 40 minutes in length). Season 2 had been released in May 2022. Although Chèrie Chan and her spouse Jessey Lee will not be appearing again, other regulars such as Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Guy Tang, Jaime Xie, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, Kevin Kreider, and Mimi Morris will be making a return with a glitzier look.

In this new season, our protagonists and antagonists reflect on the developments and interpersonal dynamics of the previous one. Chiu digs further into reproductive testing, while Kreider begins his sobriety path and searches for his biological family. In addition, the characters’ expensive tastes and lifestyles have us wondering how much these celebrities are worth.


Mimi Morris  USD 800 Million



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One of the newcomers to Bling Empire’s second season is Mimi Morris. With an estimated net worth of $800 million, Morris is currently the wealthiest cast member. The handsome CEO of Morris Group International is married to the stunning beauty.

Anna Shay  USD 600 Million

Among the Bling Empire cast, Anna Shay has the second-highest net worth. Advances from the sale of shares inherited from her father, a billionaire, make up a substantial portion of Shay’s net worth of USD 600 million. Anna’s late grandfather Edward Shay founded the company Pacific Architects and Engineers, which specialized in military hardware.

Following his death, he bequeathed Anna and her brothers their stakes in the business.

Shay also earns money from her verified Instagram account. As a reality TV star, she makes about $1,623 for every Instagram post.

Cherie Chan And Jessey Lee  USD 200 Million

The Bling Empire couple pictured here is worth a combined $200 million. There are two kids in the family.

Lee owns his own furniture business, while Chan is set to take over her uncle’s denim conglomerate. In the past, Chan was on the cusp of becoming a major star in Japan’s pop music industry. Even though she had signed a recording contract with Sony, she was unable to fulfill her dream. Having been very close to her daughter, Chan’s mother died away in 2019 hoping that she would find greater stability.

For this reason, Chan decided to end her time as a pop star. She also has a sizable following on Instagram, numbering in the millions. In the United States, her salary per assignment is approximately $3,367.

Gabriel and Christine Chiu  USD 80 Million

Gabriel and Christine are the show’s “power couple” who have amassed a massive fortune. Not only is celebrity plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu a direct descendant of the Song dynasty, a Chinese imperial dynasty, but he is also a member of that dynasty.

Since Gabriel and Christine co-founded the renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, a favorite of Hollywood’s A-listers, their combined wealth has soared dramatically.

Aside from being a Taiwanese heiress, Christine Chiu’s Instagram account brings in a healthy income. In the neighborhood of $3,585 per article, the star is known to demand payment.

Jaime Xie USD 50 Million

Socialite and opinion leader Jamie Xie. The trendy model and businesswoman have appeared on the covers of numerous periodicals. A significant portion of that comes from her Instagram posts, where she earns about $2,833 on average.

Kane Lim  USD 20 Million

In recent news, Kane Lim made history by signing on as the first South Asian brand ambassador for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. He says the musician is his friend as well.

His wealth is substantially bolstered by his family’s investments in oil and real estate, among other sectors. Lim, at the tender age of 17, also began investing in stocks, and just two years later, he had amassed a million dollars.

The actor’s lifestyle as an influencer also brings in a substantial salary. His Instagram posts cost his clients about $3,261.

Bling Empire Net Worth

Kim Lee  USD 10 Million

Kim Lee is one of the few Bling Empire cast members to have amassed a sizeable fortune independently. The star puts a lot of effort into the show, and it shows. She’s also a top-tier DJ and fashion icon.

As for other artists, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West also feature Lee in their music videos. She made a brief appearance in the popular film The Hangover 2 as well (2011).

Lee, who has close to a million Instagram followers, can charge as much as $4,611 for a single post. for more updates, you can visit on TheActivenews.Com.

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