Boban Marjanovic Wife: How Did Boban Meet His Wife?

Marjanovic’s wife, NBA player Milica Krstic, was raised in Belgrade. In the NBA, Boban is a member of the Dallas Mavericks, and he represents Serbia on the national team. He often plays alongside league MVP Nikola Joki.


Milica Krstic Bio & Age

Milica, Boban Marjanovic’s wife, is from a Serbian city. Krstic, who is Serbian, gained widespread attention after she wed a famous athlete.

Because she is so private, very little is known about her childhood.

As a result, potential viewers abandon the ship in dismay. No offense intended, but not everyone can handle the spotlight.
Krstics’ exact age is unknown because her birth date was never revealed.

However, Milica did share a few photos on Instagram of herself, her brother, and her parents. Her dad’s name is Zoran Krstic and her mom’s name isn’t being released for privacy reasons.

Personal Life: Is Boban Marjanovic Still Married to Milica?

Milicas’s life before her marriage remains largely secret despite her fame after her marriage. To that end, it appears that Krstic serves as a role model.

Many aspects of her online persona go in that direction. The two of them, Boban and Milica, initially met at a party.

The initial chemistry between them lasted throughout their six-year relationship. In addition, there were no hints of a wedding, but it was inevitable, and so Boban and Milica tied the knot in 2014.

Regardless, the pair held wedding ceremonies in both Mexico and Belgrade, Serbia.

They had two lovely children, Vuk and Pera, as a result of their union. Boban is undeniably a role model for the youth.

Militias proud parents find great joy in spending time with their grandchildren. Krstic, the father, periodically uploads photos of the two of them together to Instagram.

Milica and Boban, the doting parents, are over the moon with pride for their kids.

It has come to light from reliable sources that the children are naturally inclined to continue in their father’s professional footsteps.

Is that the case? It’s just guesswork at this point.

Career Who is Milica Krstic? Husband of Milica Krstic

When it comes to Krstic’s professional life, there isn’t much to report. The Serbian, like most other media agencies, does not report what she does for a living.

Similarly, her online profiles give the impression that she is a model.
Firstly, Milicas’s preparation for the photoshoot is evident in her clothing, body shape, and intensive gym routine.

The Serbian woman has the opportunity to appear in publicity images as the spouse of a well-known athlete.
Before moving to the NBA with the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio, the 7-footer had signed with CSKA Moscow. Marjanovic has recently joined the Dallas Mavericks.

Boban is mostly used as a center. The Serbian behemoth won gold in the FIBA U-19 World Cup and U-20 Championship during his career.

Net Worth & Income

We don’t know what kind of work Milica does or where she gets her money. Nonetheless, her husband’s wealth is substantial, estimated at $20 million.

Earnings from sponsorships and endorsements are also substantial for the Dallas Center.

Marjanovic receives $7 million per year with the Dallas Mavericks. He also received a $3.5 million signing bonus from the Mavericks.

Boban Marjanovic Wife

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Milica Krstic active on social media?

Yes, her sole online presence is on Instagram.

Who is Boban Marjanovic married to?

Boban Marjanovic has a wife named Milica Krstic, a Serbian woman. They tied the knot in 2014 and have been happily married ever since.

How did Boban meet his wife?

NBA player and his future bride initially met at a 2008 birthday celebration. They hit it off and began dating seriously. They were together for six years before they finally got married.

How long has Boban been married?

How long has it been since Boban tied the knot? Boban had two ceremonies for his wedding to his bride. The first one happened on a beach in Mexico on July 3, 2014, while the second one happened in Belgrade, Serbia on July 13, 2014.

Quick Facts

Name Milica Krstic
Birthplace Serbia
Nationality Serbian
Spouse Yes (Boban Marjanovic)
Children Yes (2; Vuk and Pera)
Height 55″ (1.67 m)

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