Brian Timmons Maya Brady Father: Daughters & Wife

Maureen Brady, Maya’s mother and a softball pitcher, is the sister of American football quarterback Tom Brady, and Maya’s father, Brian Timmons, is her ex-husband.

Former NBA player Brian Timmons explained that he is frequently approached for autographs because both his ex-wife and daughter are sports, so people assume that he is one as well. As a result, we decided to look into his history and come clean about what we found.

Mr. Brian Timmons, who was a dealer in mechanical goods in the middle of the twentieth century, was last seen working as a researcher at McMaster University. For the time being, we are unable to reveal his occupation due to his strong desire to maintain the confidentiality of his life outside of work.

Brian Timmon and Maureen Brady divorced on August 7th, 2010. Maya Brady, Brian’s daughter and a national softball star at age 20, is still living at home with her mom.


Brian Timmon’s Daughters

Dr. Brian Timmons, one of our most beloved researchers, is the proud father to Maya and Hannah Brady. Maya, who was born in 2001, plays softball at the national level, although her younger sister Hannah is never mentioned. Maya and Hannah are currently residing at home with their mom.

Brian Timmons Maya Brady Father

Brain Timmon’s Wife

Since his divorce in 2010, Brian has not provided an update on his dating life. Before their divorce in 2010, he was married to Maureen Brady, and she gave birth to their daughters Maya and Hannah.

As a softball pitcher for the United States Junior Olympic squad, 17-year-old Maureen Brady made quite a name for herself. She lives in Bakersfield, California, where she juggles her jobs as a nurse and softball coach. You may get the latest information by checking out TheActiveNews.Com.

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