China’s Strawberry Music Festival: Everyone Dressed Like a Rock-band Groupie

Last weekend, despite a record heat wave, Chengdu, China hosted the Strawberry Music Festival. Attendees nonetheless dressed to the nines despite the sweltering heat, however many resorted to sun protection measures including wearing hats (especially of the bucket and cowboy variety).

Was there a particular scene that stood out? Someone at the event exposed their stomach in the style of Carrie Bradshaw by wearing a brightly coloured belt.

Wu Tiao Ren, one of the most popular folk bands in China, the nursing student turned pop star Mao Buyi (whom one outlet described as an “accidental megastar”), and the rock band Jiu Lian Zhen,

which is making a name for itself by creating music in the more regional Hakka dialect instead of the standard Mandarin, were all featured at the two-day event.

A roster reflecting the underrepresented vitality and variety of China’s young is not unprecedented. In its inaugural year, 2009, the Strawberry Music Festival attracted some of China’s most progressive musical performers to Beijing’s Tongzhou Canal Park.

Since that time, over 118 Strawberry Music Festivals have taken place in 35 different places around China. There have been almost 6.5 million visitors in the past 14 years.

Although the Strawberry Music Festival’s primary focus was music, it also provided an interesting window into the current style scene in China and the neighbouring areas.

The most attention-grabbing outfits at the festival favoured muted, desert-ready styles rather than logo-heavy maximalism.

A variety of cowboy-inspired options, from ten-gallon hats to ranch-ready boots, were also on exhibit, suggesting that perhaps Chinese festivalgoers have a penchant for the clothing styles of hot, dry locations.

Loose-fitting ankle-length skirts, reminiscent of the doldrums of mid-aughts fashion, were only one example of the many throwbacks to the style of the decade.

In addition, oversized cargo pants, crocheted bra tops, and studded belt buckles were all in evidence. The whole thing is evocative of the years 2007–2009 when everyone dressed like a groupie for their favourite band and seems to foretell a new aesthetic with a Diesel taste. For more updates Visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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