Christine Brown Now: Moves Out of Kody Brown’s House in ‘Sister Wives’ ‘ Dramatic Trailer

It’s over for Christine and Kody Brown — and now, it’s finally time to see how it all unfolded on season 17 of Sister Wives.

Christine, 50, packs up her belongings in the new season’s first trailer after opting to end her plural marriage. “I’ve made up my mind to go. It’s time for me to part ways with Kody “Christine reveals in a personal essay.

Christine recounts some of the reasons she left, including the fact that she and Kody had been fighting. As she puts it, “to Kody, Robyn [Brownmore ]’s important.”

Christine tells Kody, 53, tearfully, “It’s been painful being your wife for years.”

She reveals, “I agreed to be a sister wife,” in a confessional. However, I did promise to be a “fair” wife.

Kody vents his dissatisfaction with Christine to the other women in a group conversation.

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Kody yells at Christine in front of Robyn, 43, and Janelle Brown, “You never tried to build a genuinely good relationship with these individuals and that’s the reason I’m pissed off.”

“Man, it was simply the knife in the kidneys over many years.”

Kody stomps off, shouting, “All the sacrifices that I’ve made to love you.”

As time goes on, it becomes abundantly evident that Christine’s absence has a profound effect on every member of the family. Christine’s sister’s spouses’ reactions are shown to be particularly difficult to handle in the preview.

Janelle knew Christine’s departure was inevitable all along. For Janelle, 53, “it feels more like an inevitability approaching rather than a ‘Let’s try to work this out,'” she said.

Through her tears, Meri Brown responds to Christine’s choice “In my eyes, Christine was much more than just a sister-in-law. For a long time, I thought of her as a close friend.”

Janelle, too, is concerned about what happens next after Christine leaves. Janelle expresses doubt that she and her husband and children still constitute a family.

Christine Brown Now

The women of the Brown family try to “rebuild” after the tragedy, but other problems, like Janelle’s wavering faith in her marriage to Kody, take center stage. She even tells the cameras that Kody is “no longer acting like my husband.”

The future holds no guarantees for the family. Kody states in an internal monologue, “The message that we presented to the world about functional polygamy seems so dysfunctional now.”

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In November of 2021, Christine revealed that she and Kody had split up. The couple had been together for 25 years and had six children together.

YouTube video

Christine’s dissatisfaction with her marriage was a major plot point in the season before their divorce on Sister Wives. When Kody declared he was “not interested in having an intimate marriage” with Christine, their troubles escalated.

On September 11 at 10 p.m. ET, TLC will air the opening of Season 17 of Sister Wives. for more updates stay Tuned TheActiveNews.Com.

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