Clive Cussler Net Worth: Military Service, Personal Life And Death

Clive Cussler Net Worth: Most of Clive Cussler’s fame came from his nautical suspense novels starring the daredevil Dirk Pitt. He also wrote for several other series, such as “Fargo Adventures,” “Oregon Files,” and “NUMA Files.” Cussler, a pioneer in the field of deep-sea exploration, established the non-profit National Underwater and Marine Agency, which has located a large number of shipwrecks.


Clive Cussler Early Life And Military Service

Clive Cussler Net Worth: He had German ancestry from his father and English ancestry from his mother. Cussler became an Eagle Scout at age 14.

After two years at Pasadena City College, he enlisted in the US Air Force and served throughout the Korean War. For the Military Air Transport Service, Cussler served as both a flight engineer and mechanic. As time went on, he worked his way up the ranks and is now a sergeant.

Clive Cussler Career Beginnings

After serving his nation, Cussler went to work for two of the largest advertising companies in the United States in the field of advertising. He started as a copywriter and eventually moved up to director of creative services. Many of the commercials that Cussler made for TV and radio won awards.

Clive Cussler’s Net Worth

Before his untimely demise in the year 2020, American adventure writer and marine archaeologist Clive Cussler had amassed a fortune of $120 million.

Dirk Pitt Adventures

In 1965, Cussler began writing at night while his police officer wife was at work. His first work, “The Mediterranean Caper,” was published in 1973.

The book was the first appearance of Cussler’s most well-known creation, Dirk Pitt, a hulking adventurer, and government operative. A total of 26 Dirk Pitt novels were written by Cussler after this.

The series has been compared to James Bond and Indiana Jones because of its blend of seafaring adventure, cutting-edge technology, hot female protagonists, evil masterminds, and hidden treasure. Included in the series are the books “Raise the Titanic!,” “Pacific Vortex!,” “Dragon,” “Sahara,” “Shock Wave,” “Trojan Odyssey,” “Arctic Drift,” “Poseidon’s Arrow,” “Odessa Sea,” “Celtic Empire,” and “The Devil’s Sea,” the last of which will be published in 2021.

The New York Times fiction bestseller list featured seventeen consecutive titles in Cussler’s series. The novels “Sahara” and “Raise the Titanic!” were both turned into movies. Must Read Laurie Hernandez Net Worth

Clive Cussler Personal Life And Death

Clive Cussler Net Worth: In 1955, Cussler married Barbara Knight. The couple had three children: Dirk, Teri, and Dayna. The couple stayed together until Knight died in 2003. Later, at the age of 88, Cussler married Janet Horvath, who he remained with until his death.

Clive Cussler Net Worth

The Oregon Files

Oregon is a high-tech ship utilized by a mysterious business directed by Juan Cabrillo in the “Oregon Files” series by Clive Cussler, which began with “Golden Buddha” in 2003. The ship’s crew members aid the CIA and other agencies in their fight against criminals and terrorists.

Dark Watch, Corsair, The Jungle, Shadow Tyrants, and Hellburner are just a few of the sixteen books that make up the “Oregon Files” series. To read more articles like this, go to TheActiveNews.Com.