Col Stuart Scheller Biography: Who Is Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller?

MARINE Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was fired from his position as a result of statements he made about American troops in Afghanistan.” Relieved for cause based on lack of trust and confidence…” was Scheller’s response to the controversy when he broke his silence. See the complete post for additional information about Scheller.


Who is Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller?

Stuart Scheller, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marine Corps Infantry, has been in the service for 17 years.

During the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese crisis, he took part in the non-combatant evacuation of American residents from Beirut and served as a fire support leader during the Mojave Viper and Ramadi deployments.

Scheller joined the Marine special forces command in 2019 and was promoted to the executive officer of the second support battalion in the spring of 2019.

He became the commanding officer of the advanced infantry training unit two years later.
Scheller holds a Bachelor’s in accounting and a Master’s in military science from expeditionary warfare school. As a result, he is also the father of three sons.

Is Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller in jail?

Father-of-three Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, 40, has spent the last year and a half in solitary confinement at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. Scheller became an internet sensation after making a series of videos in which he criticized the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. Only Stuart Sr. and Cathy were able to talk to him once, for 90 seconds, last week, and he’s now in the custody of his attorney.

Scheller, a 17-year-old veteran, will be the subject of a hearing on Oct. 5 to determine whether the military will punish him or free him. The Sellers, however, told the New York Post on Saturday that the hearing is closed to the public and the media, and they don’t know what’s going to happen.

“Cathy Scheller reported he was in a cell with nothing except a book and a phone. “This breaks our hearts, and it breaks him as well. We love America, and we’re appalled by what we’ve learned about the country’s new military. “

What Did the Marine Corps say About Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller?

“Col. David Emmel, Commanding Officer of School of Infantry-East, notified the Marine Corps spokesperson Maj. Jim Stenger on Friday evening that Scheller had been relieved of command owing to a lack of trust and confidence in his capacity to command.”

“As a group, the Marine Corps is in the midst of a difficult moment, and we encourage any of our brothers and sisters who need support to seek therapy or talk to another Marine.”

Scheller was let go because he had staged his protest in the middle of a busy public square.

This is not the place for Marine officers to air their grievance against their superior officers, and it is not on social media.”

The news of Scheller’s relief came after ISIS-K claimed responsibility for a suicide bomber who detonated a device that killed at least 170 persons and wounded 155 more at Kabul airport security.

Kabul was shaken by the explosion, which injured 12 Marines, one Navy medic, and 15 other US forces.

US troops were scheduled to leave Afghanistan on August 31; this incident occurred just days before that deadline.

According to Marine Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, around 5,000 people are still waiting for evacuation.

More than 104,000 individuals, including roughly 5,000 American citizens, have been evacuated so far.

He’s ‘Not a Hothead’

Scheller finished his Marine Corps tenure back in North Carolina at the Infantry Training Battalion.

He served as a battalion commander from June 2021 until he was fired in late August after his public plea for accountability went viral.

However, despite Scheller’s assertion that the August 26, 2021 attack in Kabul, which killed 13 military troops, including 11 Marines, prompted him to come out, the explanation was more complex.

That “failure” in Afghanistan was never going to be addressed by top leadership or that the conduct of the entire war was never going to be brought into question by Scheller when he began receiving text messages about deceased Marines, including some of his own.

While sitting in her chair, Scheller pondered whether or not “senior leadership” understood what she was saying. “I don’t think they’re aware of the mistakes they’ve made.” For the past 30 or 40 years, I can’t think of a military failure of this magnitude that has gone unrecognized.”

Scheller, on the other hand, believed that the only way he could be held accountable for the withdrawal was to speak out publicly only once.

Scheller remarked, “I thought, ‘I’ll just produce one video,'” I believe that we ought to be held accountable for our actions, therefore I’ll outline some of the things that I think they should have done and demand that they do so.

Scheller’s choice to go public has been the subject of significant public debate. An action that lost him a 17-year career in the Marine Corps and his wife was a price he was willing to pay. Those interviewed by Marine Corps Times, on the other hand, did not perceive Scheller’s public appeal in that light.

She described Scheller as thoughtful and planned when she worked with him until the middle of 2020—just over a year before he went viral with his demands for responsibility. Scheller, according to Barbara, is a person who seeks out the advice of others before making a choice.

Col Stuart Scheller Biography

In Barbara’s words, “He was extremely, he’s very aware of his thoughts and deeds.” “When it comes to making judgments, he’s very, very meticulous.”

Underhill believed Scheller had the potential to rise through the ranks of the Marine Corps to the rank of general or perhaps higher. Described as a “stone-cold professional” who is “calm, cool, and collected,” he went on to describe Scheller.

Underhill said, “Stu isn’t a hothead.” “So, if Stu is angry about the present system and the lack of accountability, then America ought to pay attention,” said President Obama.

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Böbert, and Madison Cawthorn signed a letter seeking Scheller’s release as well as many others. “In a letter to the Commander of the US Marine Corps, my colleagues and I have requested that LTC Stuart Scheller be freed from pre-lockdown judgment,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert on Twitter.

“Lt. Scheller is a great hero and we must do everything we can to disseminate his message,” QAnon icon Ron Watkins told his 436,000 Telegram followers. Our website has a lot more content if you’d want to check it out.

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