Damon Elena Together: The Romantic Summer

It hurt our feelings, but we all wanted Elena to end her relationship with Stefan and start dating Damon, Stefan’s older brother. From the beginning, they exuded a magnetic attraction that was impossible to deny.

And as they gave in to their emotions, there were explosions of joy. The intensity of their love for one another was always a relationship goal. There were many hot and steamy moments between the two, but here are the top five that we can’t get over!


Damon Confesses His Love For Elena And Then Compels Her To Forget

The depth of his feelings for her was what stole our breath away in this scene. His love for her is undeniable, yet he can’t help but feel unworthy of her. You just need to hear it from me once.

It’s already in your ears; you just have to listen. As for me, Elena, you have my heart. And because I care so much about you, I can’t treat you like an object. I don’t merit your love. However, my sibling does. I hope you won’t have to put this information in storage and forget it. “But you do.” That soft peck on the forehead! What else could it be if not love?

Damon Tells Elena He Wants To Be Human For Her

Damon decided to follow Elena’s lead and achieve his own happily ever after she took the cure for immortality and turned human again in season 6. I’ll have it. Elena, I am a vampire and have been for many years. I had a great time. But being your husband, partner, and father of your children is worth more to me than everything else in the world.

Damon Teaches Elena How To Feed As a Vampire

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of Delena’s most emotionally charged scenes. You can see how well-suited the two are to one another. She learns from him how to subsist on human flesh without causing any harm. There is a palpable contrast in her relationship with Damon and Stefan, and you can feel the sparks.

Elena Kisses Damon on His Deathbed

Damon and Elena had just shared their first kiss. Damon gets bitten by Tyler Lockwood in season 2, and the bite causes his body to degrade. Elena is so moved by his death that she kisses him before Katherine Pierce arrives with the cure.

Damon Elena Together

The Romantic Summer

Once Damon and Elena have finished off Silas at the end of Season 4, they get to spend some quality time together in the premiere of Season 5. You won’t find a more humorous part of the show than this one. In their joyous love for one another, they can’t seem to take their hands off one another. For more updates, you can visit on TheActiveNews.Com.

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