Danny Trejo Net Worth: He Declaring Bankruptcy, But Only To Get Rid

Dan Trejo, a construction worker, and Alice (Rivera), his mother, gave birth to Danny Trejo in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Trejo spent 11 years in and out of prison as a drug addict and criminal as a child. He earned the lightweight and welterweight boxing titles while serving time in San Quentin. He was incarcerated for drug charges and armed robbery, but his 12-step rehabilitation programme changed his life. In 1985, Trejo spoke at a meeting of Cocaine Anonymous and met a young man who later called him for support.

Trejo met him when it turned out to be the Runaway Train set (1985). Trejo was given a part as a convict extra right away, perhaps due to his intimidating tattooed appearance. A scriptwriter who served time in San Quentin together with Trejo was also there on the set. The author made Trejo an offer of $320 per day to prepare the actors for a boxing battle after remembering his boxing prowess.

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Danny Trejo’s Net Worth

An American actor named Danny Trejo has a net worth of $500,000. He works in both film and television. Danny Trejo is well-known for his roles as evil anti-heroes who are frequently hyper-masculine in many of the movies in which he appears. His roles in films including “Desperado,” “Heat,” the “From Dusk Till Dawn” series, “Con Air,” “Reindeer Games,” and “Grindhouse” have made him well-known.

Danny Trejo's Net Worth

Danny has a career in both cinema and television in addition to being an entrepreneur. His most notable business venture is a restaurant chain named Trejo’s Tacos, which has five locations throughout Los Angeles. He also owns a record label and a network of coffee and doughnut shops.

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Mark Trejo Declaring Bankruptcy, But Only To Get Rid Of Personal Debt?

Danny Trejo is declaring bankruptcy, but not because he’s broke or anything; rather, it’s to settle an IRS debt that has been bothering him. According to the renowned actor, he will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday. This would mostly involve rearranging his assets to assist pay off the amount he owes Uncle Sam, which he claims is around $2 million in taxes. Danny claims that he made mistakes in the past when claiming deductions, which led to him falling into this hole. He even quips that he now understands that dog grooming isn’t a legitimate expense that you can deduct.

Danny tells us he hopes to be completely debt-free by sometime next year and that this is only a means to an end when asked when he plans to put this whole nightmare behind him:

This a short reminder that while Danny is declaring bankruptcy on his own, his several enterprises, including his record label, coffee shops, and, of course, his renowned Trejo’s Tacos, are doing great and are unaffected by this. We’ve been informed that his own financial difficulties are not a reflection of how those businesses are performing because they are held by corporations and LLCs he established to manage them. On the contrary, all signs point to Danny succeeding in the free market.


How Much Does Danny Trejo Cost?

Danny Trejo is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics. The estimated speaking fee range to book Danny Trejo for your event is $30,000 – $50,000.

Who Is Danny Trejo’s Wife?

Danny Trejo Years active 1985–present

How Many Businesses Does Danny Trejo Own?

A lot of celebrities don’t do it because they’re so busy. None of them is as busy as me. I’ve got eight restaurants, a record company, and a movie career.

Does Danny Trejo Have 18 Kids?

Danny Trejo has five children – Gilbert, Danielle, Esmeralda, Danny Boy and Jose.

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