Darren Watkins Net Worth 2022: Height, Age, Bio, Career & Real Name

American teenager Darren Watkins is known for his videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. More than 11.4 million people have subscribed to his YouTube channel, IShowSpeed, where he posts videos of himself playing video games and talking about his life. In 2022, IShowSpeed is predicted to have a net worth of about $1.5 million.

Full Name Darren Watkins
Birth Date/Age January 2005/17 years old
Birth Place Ohio, U.S.
Profession Youtuber
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $1.5 million


Darren Watkins Early Life

He has seriously considered not returning to high school for his senior year since he feels he would make far more success on Youtube if he could devote all of his time to it instead of high school. A mutual buddy encouraged Darren to start uploading videos to the video-sharing website. The irony is that while his friend gave up, he persevered and made tremendous strides. Since he was stuck inside during the lockdown, he decided to start a YouTube channel to pass the time. First posting a video on April 21, 2020, he hasn’t stopped since.


Before devoting much of his time to uploading videos to YouTube, he worked at a facility that provided meals to the elderly. But since Darren began uploading videos regularly and witnessed his channel’s success, he has been committed to YouTube.

He was one of the few people doing high-quality streams about NBA2K20 and NBA2K21, which is why he gained a large following so rapidly across multiple platforms. Darren offered some advice for aspiring content makers, stressing the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness and playing to one’s strengths.

IShowSpeed Height, Weight & Measurements

Darren Watkins, better known by his stage name IShowSpeed, is between 172 and 180 centimeters tall and weighs perhaps in the region of 65 kg. There is currently no information on his physical attributes. His eyes and hair are both black.

Darren WatkinsPersonal Life

Like any teenager, he’s had a hard time getting his parents to see the importance of what he’s doing. When he told his mom he had 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, she didn’t have a excited reaction, which irritated him.

He just posted a video in which he wept openly about the fact that his partner had cheated on him. Particularly, this was due to his desire to see this Ohio native’s girlfriend succeed in whatever she attempted.

Darren Watkins Net Worth 2022

Darren is expected to have a $1.5 million fortune by the year 2022. In a Q&A, he also mentioned that, depending on the length of the stream, he makes anything from $75 to $200. Now that he has more than 11 million subscribers, though, his income is expected to increase at an exponential rate. TheActiveNews.com is the place to go for the latest.

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