Darwin’s Game (2020): Anime Review And More!

Japanese anime series Darwin’s Game is based on and adapted from FLIPFLOPs’ manga series of the same name, which was written and illustrated by him.

By accident, a high school girl named Kaname Sudo ends up in a virtual world referred to as “Darwin’s Game.” As each participant is granted a unique talent (Sigil), Kaname sets out to find a way out of this gruesome game where he will be rewarded with riches for every victory.

How groundbreaking is Darwin’s Game with regard to the survival genre? Not really. Is Darwin’s Game, despite its obvious stupidity, amusing? Yes, without a doubt!

Adjective-named Sigils are given to players in Darwin’s Game, which is an online game in which each participant is given a particular skill that can range from invisibility to pyrokinesis to the capacity to determine if someone is lying or telling the truth.

Life or death battles can be fought between players, with the victor receiving points that can be redeemed for cash or other advantages, while the loser’s corpse disappears and blocks that represent the player’s death can be found throughout the city.

Upon getting an invitation from his friend, Hamada, Kaname Sudo gets lured into this realm of underground survival fighting. Shuka Karino, a high-ranking player, has a Sigil that allows her to control wire-like items, which Kaname is unable to decipher.

The two of them are thrown into a battle royale alongside 288 other people, with the winner receiving special rewards.

The season in Darwin’s Game is fantastic because of how well-paced it is. We’re thrown into the thick of things and forced to learn the game along with the shy Kaname.

It’s interesting to see how he, like the rest of the audience, reacts when he learns what his Sigil is, and I’m glad we get to see the world through his eyes.

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It’s gratifying to see Kaname mature from a nave, clumsy character into a self-assured player, especially since the show takes its time to establish his moral and ethical ideals despite the harshness of the society in which he lives.

There are several noteworthy characters in the midst of all the heart-stopping action, such the cheerful yet lethal Shuka and the cool and collected “Analyst,” Rein Kashiwagi. I look forward to seeing where these characters go next, and the show does a good job of presenting them.

Wang, Darwin’s Game’s basic and uninspired antagonist, is one of the film’s few blemishes. Darwin’s Game does a good job at bringing up characters’ motivations and hinting at the society that controls it, however.

Darwin's Game

A game of survival of the fittest is always fun, and Darwin’s Game is a thrilling and fascinating adventure from beginning to end.


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