Drew Barrymore Net Worth: American Actress, Director And Producer

Drew Barrymore Net Worth: Actress, director, and producer Drew Barrymore has a net worth of millions of dollars. She started using drugs early on in life, starting with cigarettes and alcohol before moving on to cocaine by the time she was in the eighth grade. Her adolescence was marked by two stays in rehab, a failed suicide attempt, and the successful request for emancipation from her parents; it was not until her early twenties that she finally began to settle down.

Since then, she’s been in other successful films, many of which she also produced through her studio, Flower Films. These works include such films as “The Wedding Singer,” “Riding in Cars with Boys,” “Never Been Kissed,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “Charlie’s Angels 2,” “50 First Dates,” “Fever Pitch,” and “He’s Just Not That Into You.”


Drew Barrymore Net Worth

Drew Barrymore Net Worth: American actress, director, and producer Drew Barrymore has a $125 million fortune. And yet, Drew Barrymore triumphed against the adversity. She was born into a family of actors, so she spent her childhood in the spotlight, and by the time she was seven, she had already established herself as a major player in the industry. Her youth was cut short due to her fame from her early performances in films like “E.T. The Extra-terrestrial,” “Firestarter,” and “Irreconcilable Differences.” Her parents were unstable role models, thus she was frequently exposed to people considerably older than herself.

Drew Barrymore Early Life

Drew Barrymore Net Worth: As a member of one of the most illustrious acting families in Hollywood history, Drew Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975, with a star in her future. Her maternal great-grandfather was the famous actor John Barrymore, and the number of other Barrymores who have also been in show business is too long to name. Her godparents include Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren, two of the most recognizable names in the film industry. Her notoriously difficult upbringing involved heavy partying, drug use, and alcohol use at a young age; she entered rehabilitation at the age of 13 and became legally independent from her parents at 15. Check This Tony Beets Net Worth

Drew Barrymore Acting Career

Drew Barrymore Net Worth: Even earlier in her childhood, at the age of 11 months, Barrymore began her acting career. She supposedly got the part in the dog food advertisement because she was nipped by a dog during her audition and chose to laugh about the incident instead of sobbing. Several years later, in 1980 science fiction film Altered States, she made her debut in the feature film industry, but it was her part as Elliot’s younger sister Gertie in 1982’s E.T. that catapulted her to international fame.

Following her success with “E.T.,” Barrymore landed a role in the Stephen King adaptation “Firestarter” in 1984. Irreconcilable Differences released the same year as her real-life divorce, had her play a little child caught in the middle of a custody dispute between her famous parents. In 1985, she appeared in another film directed by King, the horror anthology Cat’s Eye. Despite having a very difficult personal life, she kept working throughout the 80s.

Barrymore made a concerted effort to shed her child actor identity and embrace more mature teen parts in the 1990s. The most well-known is arguably Poison Ivy (1992), a film that bombed at the box office but became a cult classic once it was made available on home video. As early as 1993, she starred in another cult classic, the ambiguous erotic thriller Doppelganger. She had another standout role in the late ’90s with Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer, and then she finished out the decade with Never Been Kissed in 1999.

Drew Barrymore’s role as one of the three Charlie’s Angels in the 2000 reboot and its 2003 sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle brought her $14 million and helped propel her to the top of the Hollywood food chain in the 2000s. However, she was also making appearances at the same time in lesser independent films like Donnie Darko and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The roller derby drama Whip It, which she directed in 2009, was her feature film debut.

Having established herself in films like Going the Distance and Blended, Barrymore made yet another pivot in her career by co-starring with Timothy Olyphant in the Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet. Read More About Bang Chan Net Worth

Drew Barrymore Real Estate

Drew Barrymore Net Worth: Over the years, Drew Barrymore’s real estate transactions have been widely reported. She reportedly spent just over $5.5 million on a 5,600-square-foot beachfront property in the Hamptons in 2019.

Drew Barrymore Net Worth
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Drew dropped $5.55 million on a mansion with 6,258 square feet in Montecito, California, in 2010. Just over two acres of property are home to the six-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bathroom mansion. In addition to its beautiful location, the home boasts several desirable amenities, including numerous fireplaces, hardwood flooring, a spacious, bright kitchen, and an inviting dining area.

In addition to the four-car garage and long, encircling veranda, the property features a two-story guesthouse, a laundry room, a terrace, and numerous fruit trees. She put the home on the market in 2013 for $7.5 million and sold it for $6.35 million that same year. Must Read About Like this Jeff Dunham Net Worth


Barrymore has, at various periods in her career, favored taking on supporting roles in films in which she had little to no screen time in exchange for a reduced paycheck. Donnie Darko reportedly earned her $500,000, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind reportedly paid her $250,000. You can go to TheActiveNews.Com for the latest news and updates.