DualSense Edge: Everything You Need To Know

Sony introduced the DualSense Edge wireless controller for the PS5 at the August Gamescom Opening Night Live event. More alterations and adjustments can be made with the updated controller.

In light of this, pre-orders for the Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller have opened. Those unfamiliar with the DualSense Edge wireless controller should know that it features user-swappable modules and covers for the sticks, as well as a blank rear panel for personalization. The controller’s button layout can be changed by using the button mapping feature.

Customizable Triggers

It allows you to modify the sensitivity and dead zones of the analog sticks in addition to the trigger stops and dead zones. The Dualsense controller includes haptic feedback and customizable triggers.

The DualSense Edge wireless controller has a locked connector, a braided USB cable, and a small carrying bag.

Two normal caps, two high dome caps, two low dome caps, two half dome back buttons, and two back buttons are included in Sony’s package as well. To get an idea of what the DualSense Edge controller looks like, check out the video below.

The controller has multiple software profiles that may be quickly toggled with a single button press. The audio volume and balance can be adjusted by the user while playing games.

Starting on January 26 of next year, consumers all over the world will be able to purchase the DualSense Edge wireless controller for the price of $200 (about Rs. 16,400). However, pre-orders are available today on the PlayStation store for those who are interested. Read more articles on TheActiveNews.Com if you’re interested.

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