Earthquake in Oroville Ca: Do You Know About This?

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake struck Butte County, California, on Friday evening, sending tremors through the region. According to the US Geological Survey.

the quake occurred at 6:41 p.m. about five miles southeast of the town of Oroville and 58 miles north of Sacramento.

Seismologists determined that the epicenter of the earthquake was a quarter-mile deep and about a mile south of Lake As which State Recreation Area. Nearly 500 responses to the USGS’ “Did You Feel It?

” webpage was received by Saturday morning, with some users reporting light to moderate shaking in Oroville, Yuba City, and parts of Placer County.

“Too small to trigger shipping of ShakeAlert-powered alerts to cellphones,” the USGS stated on social media.

In parts of California, Oregon, and Washington, a public earthquake early warning system called ShakeAlert has been put in place.

The detector automatically earthquakes, evaluates their hazard and alerts people to their presence even before the first tremors can be felt in distant locations.

Since 2006, ShakeAlert has been in the works. A state early warning system was developed by the California Office of Emergency Services in collaboration

Earthquake in Oroville Ca

with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) after the Golden State joined the effort in 2013. According to the USGS.

California has since allocated over $40 million toward earthquake early warning. Visit our website if you want to see more interesting content.

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