El Cholo Death: Who Is The El Cholo?

At his height, he was known as “El Cholo,” and he was widely believed to be the leader of the criminal organization known as the Nueva Plaza Cartel, which had its headquarters in Guadalajara, Mexico. Here We Will Talking About El Cholo Death. So You Can Read the Full Information in This Post Below.


El Cholo Death

Another victim of Mexico’s violent cartel conflicts, Carlos Enrique Sánchez‘s body was found wrapped in plastic on a park seat in downtown Tlaquepaque, the Mexican state of Jalisco.

El Cholo is a fugitive ex-member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) who was originally thought to be El Mencho’s right-hand man. El Mencho is on the DEA’s most-wanted list. If You Want Read More Posts Like This So You Can See This Annie Wersching Death.

The Sudden Fall of El Cholo

El Cholo broke away from CJNG and founded a rival organization called the “Nueva Plaza Cartel,” which received funding from the Sinaloa Cartel. Over the years, CJNG and the Nueva Plaza Cartel competed for dominance in the western regions of Mexico.

El Mencho showed his dominance in the Guadalajara, Jalisco Metropolitan Area, the second largest city in Mexico and the financial capital of CJNG.

A video of a shackled man talking to the camera while surrounded by highly armed men went popular online.

The man in the video introduced himself in Spanish as “Carlos Enrique Sánchez Martnez, alias El Cholo.” We are both adversaries of CJNG, therefore I went to see (Mexico City police head) Omar Garcia Harfuch to ask for his help.

He promised his backing and said he needed something concrete to send his people to the city, so I built the tombs. He went on to say that he “gave the order to throw the grenade into the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara” and that he was responsible for digging all the mass graves at Tonalá, Tlaquepaque, Tlajomulco, and Zapopan.

‘El Cholo’ concluded the video by telling his followers to quit following him: ‘You guys that still support me, stop doing it and dedicate to your family, watch how I ended.

All signs point to the individual in the video as “the person named Carlos Sánchez Martnez nicknamed El Cholo,” as Jalisco’s attorney general Gerardo Solis put it.

On Twitter, Harfuch refuted Sánchez Martinez’s claim and said he wouldn’t “be sidetracked by fake comments from criminals.”

A failed assassination attempt on Harfuch’s life in June of 2020 was blamed by him on CJNG, along with the deaths of two of his close associates. “Our nation must continue to battle the cowardly organized crime,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mexico City’s attorney general claims that following the incident, authorities arrested at least a dozen members of the CJNG cartel. Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka “El Mencho,” is still at large, however.

However, El Cholo did not fare so well. A dead body was discovered on a bench in Tlaquepaque’s Jardin Hidalgo (a park near the city hall) on March 18—the same day the video went viral. You Can See This in Dax Tejera’s Cause of Death.

A Wave of Violence Lashes Jalisco

Jalisco has been plagued by constant violence. There have been 494 confirmed deaths in Jalisco thus far in 2021.

Former Jalisco governor Aristóteles Sandoval was killed in a restaurant shooting on December 18. Sandoval, according to State’s Attorney General Gerardo Solis, was shot in the back while using the restroom inside the eatery.

Tlajomulco, Guadalajara, authorities discovered 17 plastic bags containing human remains in January. Near a soccer stadium in Zapopan, Guadalajara, 18 more bags containing human remains were discovered in February.

El Cholo Death

More than 80,000 individuals are still missing in Mexico, where officials discovered 559 mass graves last year. Nearly 1,100 dead have been found, including 433 in Jalisco alone.

After El Cholo’s death, experts predicted a dangerous onslaught by the rival Nueva Plaza Gang against El Mencho’s cartel.

Instead, security expert Saucedo noted an unusual, uneasy quiet in the city. No hostile response came from the Nueva Plaza Cartel, which was unexpected. The cartel appeared to be cool with the bloodshed.

Saucedo, though, argues that it is obvious that El Mencho had some sort of message in mind. See This Fred White Cause of Death.

Saucedo claimed that the reason a body was left in plain sight was to scare off potential attackers. In reality, ‘El Cholo’ was not killed in the heat of battle but rather after being arrested, interrogated, tortured, and ultimately killed.

A warning from El Mencho to his own people: “This is the fate that awaits any member of CJNG who dares to revolt or leaves the organization.” TheActiveNews is the place to go for the latest breaking news.