The Faraway Paladin Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled!

It was written by Kanata Yanagino and illustrated by Kususaga Rin for the Japanese light novel series, ‘The Faraway Paladin’ or ‘Saihate no Paladin. On the 15th of May, 2015, Sh*setsuka ni Nar* began serialization. This manga has been published by Overlap Bunko since March 2016, when they purchased the rights to the manga. Seven tankobon volumes of Mutsumi Okuhashi’s manga adaptation were serialized on Overlap’s Comic Gardo website from September 2017 to March 2018. Light novel and manga publisher J-Novel Club is based in the United States. Children’s Playground Entertainment aired an anime television series adaptation from October 2021 to January 2022.


A lone human child survives in the ruins of a long-dead city. His guardians are three undead: Blood, a brave skeletal warrior; Mary, a beautiful mummified priestess; and Gus, an elderly, cranky spectral magician. They share their knowledge with the boy and demonstrate their affection for him. Will began to wonder, “Who am I?” on a particular day. He must find the hidden secrets of the undead and unravel the mysteries of this strange land of the undead as he journeys through this faraway land.

The good gods need to learn compassion and forgiveness, while the evil ones need to learn hatred and insanity. To become a Paladin, the young man must first master all of his knowledge. Many heroes have died in the story of how we died and why you grew up in this place. Everything will be revealed to you.”

the faraway paladin season 2
the faraway paladin season 2

Faraway Paladin Season 1 Ending Explained

When The Faraway Paladin’s first season ends, the conclusion of Will’s story is as thrilling as the entire run of the anime show. The finale of the story provides insight into what this character could accomplish by following the journey of a young boy from the city of the dead to the land of the living. Below, you will find the conclusion.

This is how Menzel blocked Will’s exit in episode 12 of The Faraway Paladin, refusing to let him leave without a fight. Because of this, Will agreed to return to his village with his other companions to begin brainstorming ways to eliminate the demon beasts from the village. Crunchyroll has the first season available for viewing. The series can be listened to in its original Japanese audio format with English subtitles or downloaded from the official website. VRV also has the most recent episodes.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Release Date

A few weeks later, on January 3, 2022, ‘The Faraway Paladin’ ended its first season on VRV. Each episode of the anime clocks in at around 23 minutes long. Scriptwriter Tatsuya Takahashi and director Yuu Nobuta work for Children’s Playground Entertainment. Fans of the action-adventure anime series will be happy to hear that there will be more episodes in the future.

Even before the final episode of the first season aired, production on the show’s second season had already begun. Because of the early announcement, it appears that anime creators are eager to tell Will’s story in the form of anime. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that it’s a better gift than many similar stories that debuted in 2021, but it should still get the attention it deserves.

Manga and light novel sales were the only areas where the series failed to impress. There are no worries for fans because the production of the upcoming installment has already begun. The second season of ‘The Faraway Paladin,’ assuming no delays, is scheduled to premiere in early 2023.

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Faraway Paladin Season 2 Plot

According to Will and Menzel, an ominous prophecy predicts that the black plague will break out of the Rust Mountains and cause havoc. A guard who lived through the horrors of World War I will assist the duo in their quest to learn everything there is to know about the dwarfs. Grinder was just a child when he witnessed the horrors of the First World War. Dwarves’ history and the unforgiving conflict that shaped everything in their mountainous homeland will be revealed to us in a way that will affect the present.


The Faraway Paladin will be the final anime to air in Fall 2021 as the season winds down. To begin with, it’s a fantastical isekai that’s full of personality and originality. The Faraway Paladin was created by Children’s Playground Entertainment, Inc. Our review of the game is here for your reading pleasure.

Even though The Faraway Paladin was one of my all-time favorite shows, I predict that this one will go down in anime history as a flop. As he leaves “the starter town,” just like his teachers and parents, the anime’s memorable moments begin to shift away from it. In “The Faraway Paladin,” Will is sucked into a strange world and is born into a strange family. He has a mummy priest mother, a skeleton warrior father, and a ghost magician grandfather. His family has trained him to become the most powerful paladin in the world’s history. It’s only after he’s defeated all the demons that he’ll do anything else.

If they reincarnate as slimes and build a town, I’m excited to see what they’ll come up with in the new season. In the aftermath of Will’s departure from the city where he was born, he meets an Elf named Menzel. A friendship develops between the two. Will kills a monster that attacks a town because he is so powerful. In another city, Menzel and Will are blessed by a random act of good fortune. Because Will is so powerful, I enjoy his battle scenes, but they all feel a little too simple.

The characters, apart from Will, lack development and don’t even appear to be anything special. Unfortunately, the rest of his party is uninteresting, and the elf, in particular, looks like every other elf he’s ever seen. Like the visuals, the sound is mediocre, and the opening and closing sections are similarly uninspiring. Only the songs they sang as a bard were of interest to me. They made a positive impact on the world around them.