Frankie Lons Birthday: Responds To A Fan Who Accused Her Of Using Her Late Mother Frankie

Keyshia Cole’s mother, Frankie Lons, passed away on July 19, 2021. She was the mother of Keyshia Cole. She was a legendary figure in the R&B genre and she was 61 years old. Oakland, California was the place where she passed away. A member of her family shared this information with her via her social media platforms. We will learn about Frankie Lons’s biography, wiki, age, and death on this page. Find more about Keyshia Cole’s mother’s biography, family, birthday, and more here.

On July 19, 1960, Frankie Lons came into the world. In the year 2021, she had already reached the age of 61. According to certain reports from recent days, she passed away on her 61st birthday. This information has not been verified yet; however, we will be updating all of the facts very soon.


Frankie Lons Birthday

Frankie Lons Birthday
Frankie Lons Birthday

Frankie’s birthday fell on July 19 this year, and she had a party to celebrate. Her 61st birthday was the day she passed away. Keyshia Cole’s biological mother is actually this woman. Because she prefers to keep her life private, the information on her parents and other personal data has not been updated as of yet.

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Keyshia Cole Responds To A Fan Who Accused Her Of Using Her Late Mother Frankie

Keyshia Cole, a singer who has won a Billboard Music Award and who is also a reality television star, has been subjected to a significant amount of criticism when it was revealed that she is producing a biopic film about her life, a project that would prominently represent her late mother Frankie Lons. Lons, who was well-known for her feisty demeanor and her outrageous antics, passed away in July 2021 at the age of 61 due to an accidental drug overdose.

Lifetime is a cable network that is part of the A&E Network, which also includes channels such as A&E, History, FYI, and Viceland. The Jasmine Brand was the first to disclose that Cole had intentions to create the film for Lifetime, and they were the first to do so. The production of the number one movie didn’t get underway until the latter half of 2022.

The actress Debbi Morgan announced on Instagram that she will be appearing in the movie as Cole’s mother, and she released a short clip of herself acting out a scenario in which she is interacting with Cole as her character, Lons. The photograph was accompanied by the text “On the set with Keyshia Cole portraying her mom Frankie,” which was written by Morgan.

The news of the movie spread like wildfire, and while many blogs and social media critics chimed in on whether or not it was proper for Cole to make the film so soon after Lons’ death, the “Love” chart-topper did not allow one Twitter comment slip by unanswered. “I said it! As soon as Keyshia Cole’s mother passed away, she planned to, as she does with every chance, use it to her advantage and utilize it to further her career.

When The Mother Of Keyshia Cole Will Be Portrayed In A Biopic By Debbi Morgan?

An upcoming film about Keyshia Cole will star soap opera great Debbi Morgan as Frankie Lons. On her Instagram, the actress revealed that she played Cole’s deceased mother. She was pictured with the singer, who wrote in the caption, “On the set with Keyshia Cole portraying her mom Frankie.” While in Oakland, California, where she was celebrating her 61st birthday, Frankie overdosed.

Although Keyshia’s mother battled addiction for many years, she remained a significant person in the singer’s life. The movie won’t be released on any certain day.

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