Gavin Taylor Discusses Upcoming Concert: May This Year Be a Memorable One

Gavin Taylor’s life may change dramatically this year. And it has the potential to serve as the first step toward something major.

Taylor is entering adulthood with rock star recklessness, what with the release of his new song “Reruns” on August 9 and a chance to perform at the Hollywood Bowl. He has a job to do.

The opportunity to share his song with as many people as possible through the competition excited him. I write very introspective songs so that other people may feel less alone.

The contest hosted by The Open Act ended at midnight Thursday with the close of voting.

Taylor claimed that a motherly prod prompted his visit. His mother, Mandy, is his number one supporter. Somehow, he has her nailed down.

He explained, “My gorgeous mother seduced me into competing.” She’s the only reason I bother. She’s one of a kind, that girl.

As far as Taylor is concerned, his mother and the rest of his family are all behind his desire to pursue music. They’ve been cheering for him to be honest and forthright, just as he is.

“I know I work very hard at what I do, and I believe in it with all my spirit,” he remarked. However, there are moments when I restrain myself. They have always made sure I don’t do it. I count myself fortunate to have such a loving family.

In last week’s edition of Oklahoma Life TV’s “Starting Somewhere” series with Dani Carson, viewers got a good look at Taylor and her background.

The video culminates in his newest track, “Tiger in the Egg,” and it’s definitely worth your time to watch.

Click the links in the online version of the column at to listen to the music mentioned in the piece. Online readers never have to pay to access the column.

Taylor gave a fascinating look into his maturing identity as a musician and a guy. Both are intrinsic to every facet of his being.

“Music to me is as crucial as drinking water or breathing,” he added in the clip. Life would be fairly bland without music, for one, and I feel that a song, or a rhythm, or some form of the tune is what gets people through the day, even if they don’t listen to the music,” the author writes.

Like doctors, musicians don’t charge for their services, he noted.

A lot of great changes have occurred since we last saw Taylor. But he will always carry a special place in his heart for Lawton.

Taylor, a recent graduate of Lawton High School, reflected fondly on his final year. Coming returning to Tulsa after a year in Norman meant a lot. Third-generation Wolverine or not, he felt like he was carrying on a family tradition.

He remarked, “Talk about a fantastic senior year in high school.” It was an honour to be greeted at Lawton High, and I felt that I had arrived home.

In addition to the students and faculty, the building’s history also contributed to an atmosphere that could only be described as “holy.”

Taylor, who came from a military background, assumed he would never be able to go home again. Simply being accepted for who he is was a game-changer. It was the icing on the cake to have his art recognised and appreciated.

You’d have to be crazy to tell me that I’d win Mr LHS by performing my unique music, he remarked. The shows were very electrifying. Whatever I wanted to do,

they let me do without question. And the crowd’s response was just as crazy. It was an eye-opening event, and I feel blessed to have forged such meaningful bonds.

Taylor, despite his maturing years, continues to concentrate on his youth-oriented musical output. In regards to the rock spirit, he is a purist.

He has been impacted by as many elderly or deceased musicians as he has by living ones, and he understands that it is the spirit of their music that will go on.

High school students are the primary target demographic for his brand of rock ‘n’ roll, he has said.

Taylor, a star on the ascent, never stops reaching for the moon and the stars. He has stated that the prime-time farewell concert he is putting on at Cameron University on August 19 would be his most ambitious undertaking to date.

He declared, “This is the only thing I’ve worked on for the past two months.” “It’s going to be crazy, but in a good way.”

When asked about the show, Taylor said it was her “last farewell to grade school.” As a musician, he promises a mashup of all his various efforts.

‘The style of the show is exactly what I’ve been aiming towards,’ he remarked. A glam rock extravaganza from the ’70s, complete with slow songs, vintage film projections, and, of course, plenty of hard rock tunes. Show intensity will be dialled up to eleven.

Taylor’s Muffled Sirens include his “amazing musician” buddies Wesley Bergerson, Ian Torres, and Josh Stenis, with support from A.J. McDonald and Luke McDonald of The Peace Monsters.

He mentioned the night of the Mcdonald’s performance is significant because of the history and respect involved.

Two of the Peace Monsters are also founding members of his first band, Treason 58, he claimed. “They are fantastic, and I am so very proud of them.”

Taylor thought it was only right to have Alberto Rivas, a close friend from the Lawton Community Theater, act as the evening’s emcee. According to him, the theatre is much more than just a “unique creative place.”

He once said, “The Lawton Community Theater is like a second family to me, and I love every member of the cast and crew.” It’s an honour that everything is starting with Alberto because he’s a one-of-a-kind human being.

After spending the last three days with his “best buddy and kid sister,” Taylor is ready to launch himself into the future. When he enrols in the highly regarded Academy of Contemporary Music at The University of Central Oklahoma.

he will have to leave his beloved family home and hometown for a dorm room. He will be joining over four hundred other full-time students at this college in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown neighbourhood,

all of whom share his goal of making their mark in the field of music. I get the impression that he’ll be noticeable.

Taylor remarked that his experience there helped him value the places in which he has lived and developed. He claims that this transformation is a direct result of his life’s experiences.

Gavin Taylor Discusses Upcoming Concert

I appreciate this place and all the chances it has given me so much. I try to keep an open mind and not take anything for granted,” he remarked.

It’s only fitting that you watch a live performance from Taylor’s June 2021 concert at the Vaska Theatre, in light of the release of his new single “Reruns” on August 9.

Follow Taylor on all of your favourite social networking sites and streaming music services. He claimed his heart will always be in the same place, no matter how large things get.

“I want to thank everyone for their love and support,” he stated. Lawton-Fort Sill is where my heart is, and I will never leave. Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this topic interesting! If you want to learn more about TheActiveNews.Com, read on.

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