Grant Imahara Cause of De@th: The Full Story Behind His Unexpected P@ssing

Grant Masaru Imahara was an American electrical engineer, roboticist, and TV host. He was born on October 23, 1970, and d!ed on July 13, 2020. During the TV show MythBusters, he made, built, and ran a lot of different robots and pieces of equipment that were used to test urban tales.

Imahara started his career at Lucasfilm, where he worked as an engineer in the THX department and in visual effects at Industrial Light & Magic. His work can be seen in many movies, including Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Matrix, and Terminator series.

Imahara d!ed on July 13, 2020, when he was 49 years old. You can find out more about why Grant Imahara died by reading the information below.

Exposing the Grant Imahara Cause of De@th

According to The Hollywood Reporter, former “MythBusters” co-host Grant Imahara reportedly p@ssed away due to a brain aneurysm. At the young age of 49, Imahara p@ssed away suddenly. As of right now, we don’t know what exactly led to his de@th.

We are heartbroken by Grant’s latest development. He was a remarkable person and an essential part of the Discovery crew. Discovery released a statement expressing sympathy to his loved ones.

If you’re interested in learning more about Grant Imahara de@th, check out the tweet below.

Imahara was well-known in the entertainment industry for his groundbreaking work in electronics and animatronics. He put in a lot of time and effort in the Bay Area, where the “MythBusters” studio is based. Recent roles include co-hosting the Netflix show “White Rabbit Project.”

Discovery’s website featured a quote from Imahara on his goal of sharing happiness through his art. The media outlet asserted that he was familiar with both the Energizer Bunny and the Star Wars droid R2-D2.

Grant Imahara Cause of De@th

Imahara was a staple on “MythBusters,” making appearances in over 200 episodes between Season 3 in 2005 and Season 14 in 2014. He joined the program after being invited to do so, and he now works on the Build Team with Kari Byron and Tory Belleci.

Byron and Belleci both tweeted their respects to Imahara.

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Before joining Industrial Light & Magic, Imahara cut his teeth in the film and television industry at Lucasfilm’s THX division. The three “Star Wars” prequels, “Jurassic Park,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” “The Matrix Revolutions,” “Galaxy Quest,” and “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” were just a few of the projects he worked on during his nine years at Lucasfilm.

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