Obsidian’s Grounded Is a Survival Game crossed With Honey, I Shrunk the Kids And More!

The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas are two of Obsidian’s most well-known and critically acclaimed titles. Next up is an entirely new path for the studio.

X019 in London was the first time Obsidian showed out Grounded, a survival game in which a group of four pals is reduced in size to the size of an ant and must survive for themselves.

While it’s not exactly what you expect from Obsidian, director Adam Brennecke admits that it is.

A four-player co-op experience, Grounded, is the first new Obsidian IP since Microsoft acquired the studio.

It may be played in first- or third-person. As in other survival games, you’ll build a base, make gear, gather resources, and hunt and prepare food. Obsidian is banking on the setting to elevate the game above the rest.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-style animations abound in the game. The four main protagonists were all downsized as part of an experiment and are now forced to survive in the wilds of a suburban garden in the United States.

Everything looks different when viewed from this new vantage point: insects grow into monstrous creatures, while a simple baseball becomes a massive building. Toxic zones are created when a weedkiller is used on a patch of grass.

According to Brennecke, the studio’s accessibility was a major factor in its success. When asked what he meant, he replied, “It’s something everyone is familiar with.”

“Everyone expects to see something in this world that they expect to see. A global audience will find it very approachable. Insects and man-made artefacts in the yard are well-known to the general public.

It’s a great place for a game designer to generate new concepts. Every member of the team, and even those who are not members of the team, can take on the role of designer and contribute ideas.”

Although it appears simple, it’s quite complex. Brennecke described Grounded’s environment as rich and realistic even though the team behind it is only 12 people.

Grounded Game

Because the insects are hidden from the player, it’s like a large ecosystem that’s being created behind the scenes. “We want insects to behave in a way that is consistent with what we expect them to do.”

For an ant colony to find food, it will send out scout ants to do so. They connect with other colonies using a pheromone system. In addition, this environment undergoes a 24-hour day/night cycle. Giant spiders and fireflies appear at night.”

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