Who is Hasbulla Magomedov? The Social Media Sensation Reveals All in First Interview And More !

Everything is at UFC. Hasbulla Magomedov? After McGregor and Jones, Adesanya and Whittaker and Khabib, where do we go next? You may have come across this MMA novice on TikTok or Instagram.

And if case you haven’t, he’s the flash in the pan who’s reeled in over 2 million followers on Instagram since May 2021 and has had the fight world yakking ever since. This guy is definitely not your average cage fighter.

The social media hijinks of the little hero, who called out McGregor and Khabib while whipping up side-splitting pre-fight press conferences, helped propel his stardom.

In an interview with Barstool Sports’ Caleb Pressley this week, Hasbulla opened up on what makes him tick and how he came to be an internet sensation. Here’s what we know so far about Hasbulla Magomedov, the genuine star of UFC’s main event.

Who is Hasbulla Magomedov?

Dagestan native Hasbulla Magomedov was raised in Makhachkala, the capital of the province. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he turned to social media and began posting content on Instagram and TikTok, where his fame began to grow.

Early social media posts revealed his impulsiveness and escapism, as well as his love of high jinks. As he progressed, he began to wear protective gear and regularly boxed, struck, and grounded opponents in the gym.

After a pre-fight press conference with popular 17-year-old Tajik singer Abdu Rozik in May 2021, his popularity skyrocketed. However, the fighter’s charisma and commitment to accepting challenges, including those from former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Connor McGregor

 who is currently the Twitter champion, have not been diminished by his birth-related growth hormone deficiency (GHD), also known as dwarfism. You’re not alone if you’ve mistook him for a spoiled youngster while casually browsing your Instagram feed.

Age: 19 years old
Height: 99 cm/ 3 feet 3 inches
Weight: 16 kg/ 35 Ibs
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) aka dwarfism

Hasbulla’s Revealing First Interview

For the first time, Hasbulla opened up about his inner workings in a Sundae Conversation interview with Barstool Sports host Caleb Pressley.

In spite of the fact that he didn’t go into great detail on any one subject, the interview reignited his hatred for Abdu Rozik, his desire to become Dagestan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and his passion for drifting, driving, and tuning vehicles.

If Hasbulla became Dagestan’s Minister of Internal Affairs, he outlined goals to reduce traffic violations, which included:

In the city, the speed limit should be reduced, while on the highway, it should be raised.
Rear-window tinting is unrestricted.
Do not display a licence plate while driving.
Discard any and all speed traps.
There will be no more evidence of speeding or witnesses.
Along with his admiration for his pet cat Barsik and his contempt for world-renowned athlete Ronaldo, he declared, “I’m more famous than him.” he also lectured. His response to the age-old debate between cats and dogs? Cats, of course.

Let his critics know he’s a street fighter, and he’ll show ’em how it’s done. Reminding them that he can handle any scenario with his hands, Hasbulla whooped more butts than “he can count” when he wasn’t carrying his switchblade. Of course, he sees himself as an MMA specialist.

What is Hasbulla Magomedov Famous For?

Mini Khabib

The Russian social media sensation has made quite an impression in the MMA industry and has taken delight in his newfound moniker ‘Mini Khabib’, which he got when a video saw him copycatting Khabib Nurmagmadov’s legendary UFC 229 weigh-in. And oddly, the two are homies.

Since Hasbulla hails from Dagestan and has taken up MMA, he’s has struck up a bond with UFC and the pair have been photographed and featured on one another’s social media. And while the two have a similarity in appearance, they are not of blood related.

On Habulla’s social media, there are images & videos of him with notable Russian fighters as well as he’s shown to roughhouse with his pals. And when multiple videos of his adventures and training went public, Hasbulla rocketed popular in the MMA world.

His most popular video is his pre-fight press conference with singer Abdu Rozik, who suffers from the same growth issue and is nearly the same height as Habulla.


Hasbulla has turned to boxing and MMA because Dagestan has a long history of producing powerful MMA fighters. The diminutive fighter’s social media is rife with videos of him taking a jab at the camera when he stands next to someone twice his size.

As a result of his camaraderie and go-getting natures, his social media posts show him often weight training, sparring and ground opponents in the gym, but that’s probably all for show and antics.

Revving Cars

Instagram followers will recognise Hasbulla’s choice in automobiles. Photos of him posing with new BMWs and AMGs fill his social media accounts. Granted that he’s short, he has been shown to steer cars while lapping on the driver, recklessly riding a quad bike in the streets of his community and solely driving a 4WD on beach fronts. That’s just the beginning of what he has to say.

Many videos exist showing the daredevil displaying 9mm weapons and knives in jest at his classmates, in addition to the automobiles. AK-104 has been spotted on him. An officer of the law helps him lift the weapon by himself, but it fails. A police officer helps him fire the rifle several times like an experienced soldier.

Hasbulla Age

Hasbulla Net Worth

Hasbulla’s net worth has been a hot topic since his TikTok fame began. In the eyes of the media, Hasbulla’s net worth has reportedly risen to more than $100,000, but this cannot be confirmed. You may expect that number to rise significantly if Hasbulla vs. Abdu Rozik goes on.

When is the Hasbulla vs Abdu Rozik fight?

Say what you want about their size, this pre-fight press conference, like any major UFC one, was purely a case of testosterone poisoning. Name-calling, cheap insults, dog-whistling, physical challenges, and personal attacks are just some of the tactics people use to make each other feel bad about themselves.

The Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik pre-fight press conference, – which was really a sit down in a living room of a humdrum house – is what the fight world is waiting for. Viewers were likely to poop themselves and set the comment section on fire as they saw the two pints trade jabs with squeaky tones.

“It’s not even like a show fight — they get paid a lot of money and it’s a show to make people laugh. There’s nothing serious about this, this isn’t sport. This is unethical and incorrect in my opinion. Uliana Podpalnaya, the head of the organisation.

Ashab Tamaev, a Chechen fighter, predicts a mid-to-late June showdown between the two (that never happened). However, the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association has deemed the matchup between two kids with dwarfism “unethical”.

Abdu Rozik and Hasbulla’s tense relationship has been reignited in a recent interview with Barstool Sports, with Hasbulla claiming that the next time he sees Rozik, he will “throw a hook,” and that “how about you put us both in a room and close the door, one man will walk out and the other can stay slumped on the floor?”.

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