Holly Sonders Then And Now: How Did Holly Sonders Start Their Career?

If you’re a golf fan and a viewer of Golf Channel, you may remember Holly Sonders from the network’s past.

After graduating from Michigan State in 2009, where she competed on the women’s golf team, Sonders stumbled into the opportunity of a lifetime in the gaming media industry at Golf Channel. Afterward, she worked for FOX Sports for four years before finally leaving in 2019.

Since then, Sonders has been through several life-altering experiences, including the launch of a health and fitness program and the start of wedding preparations. In the meantime, she has amassed a big number of Instagram followers.


How Did Holly Sonders Start Their Career?

Columbus, Ohio native and MSU alumnus Sonders attended the latter institution. While she did graduate in 2009, it was not before she helped the Spartans win the Big Ten championship in women’s golf in 2007.

Following her time as a Big Ten Network sideline correspondent, Sonders went on to work in television in her native Columbus, Ohio, and later in Little Rock, Arkansas. Then, she landed a job at Golf Channel and officially began her career in the media.

A Hit On The Course

By filling in as an on-course correspondent during tournaments and hosting popular shows like Morning Drive and Golf School, Holly Sonders quickly rose to fame at Golf Channel. She had opportunities in her work life to combine her golf knowledge and expertise with her outgoing personality and ambitious goals, and she took full advantage of these possibilities.

After a successful time at Golf Channel, Sonders was able to land a position with FOX Sports. There, she’d reach new heights but also face some of her career’s toughest moments.

FOX’s Sonders featured a golf diversity exhibit, and he also helped out with coaching and refereed high school football. That being said, she had challenges during her stay.

Before her departure, she was replaced as an on-course journalist and transferred to the postgame program. This change occurred after Sonders experienced what she called “the most horrendously dreadful day of her life” at the 2015 US Open in Chambers Bay.

She asked him after the game if he had packed a fifth outfit in case the season ended on a Monday.

A Busy Love Life

After meeting while working at the Golf Channel, Erik Kuselias, now a broadcaster for ESPN and CBS, proposed to Holly Sonders in 2011. It was 2016 when the couple finally broke up. It was known by mid-2019 that Sonders was seeing Kliff Kingsbury, the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Though they were dating for some time, they eventually broke up as Kingsbury began his NFL career. In December of that year, Sonders found out something shocking: she was trapped. The model/TV personality said yes to 44-year-old professional games player Dave “Vegas Dave” Oancea’s proposal.

Everything appeared to be going well for the pair, but in August, Oancea said that, for professional reasons, he had relocated back to Las Vegas to live with his parents.

A month and a half ago, he told the New York Post, “I moved back in with my parents so I can relax wonderfully around evening time — no distractions — thus I can work better from their work area.” He and Holly were previously living together. “I’ve lost the chance to have a serious, long-term relationship with a lovely woman because of this.”

During a meeting with fans in October, Sonders announced on Instagram Live that she and Vegas Dave were “trying to work everything out.” Now let’s assume they’re capable of doing so.

It will be interesting to watch Holly Sonders’s career develop in the future. She’s amassed a massive fanbase that is dying to know.

Holly Sonders Then And Now

Frequently Asked Question

Who Is Holly Sonders Married to Now?

TV and radio personality and host Erik Kuselias, winner of an Emmy Award, is currently employed by CBS Sports, where he hosts “Sportsline” and “CBS Sports HQ.” A member of the elite group MENSA, Kuselias is recognized for his exceptional perceptiveness, humor in the mainstream, and vibrant, quick-witted facilitation style.

For What Reason Did Holly Sonders Leave Golf Channel?

Sonders discussed the unexpected direction her career has gone with Golfweek. They were disappointed with the golf at Fox because “it just wasn’t what we expected it would be,” she explained. We thought we would be granted additional PGA Tour privileges, but that didn’t pan out. But I had to be there to demonstrate my mettle.

Does Holly Sonders Have OnlyFans?

Holly Sonders, formerly of Fox Sports and the Golf Channel, announced this week that she has officially launched her website, HollySonders.com. From the sounds of things, the site is Sonders’ take on OnlyFans, where fans pay to view her content.

The reevaluation of Holly Sonders is welcome.

Sonders has more than 548,000 followers on Instagram, and she frequently posts sexy photos of herself along with the witty caption, “Young females may be attractive AND clever.” After splitting up with “Vegas Dave” Oancea last year, Sonders claimed she gave her future a lot of thought.

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