How Tall Is Big John From OBX And What Is His Age ?

How Tall is Big John From OBX And What is his age? Season 2 of the Netflix series returns to the OBX with the shocking revelation that John B.’s father, Big John, is still very much alive. The creators of the Teen show set in the summertime hinted that Big John would play a significant part in the next third season.

“John B.’s relationship with his father is a major theme, as is the recurrence of that relationship, as well as the inevitable reunion that will force him to confront the discrepancy between his memories of his father in death and the man he knows now. It provides a wealth of material for exploring father-son themes “Josh Pate, creator of Outer Banks, revealed as much to Entertainment Weekly in the year 2021.

Big John guides John B and the rest of the Pogues to the El Dorado gold at the release of OBX 3. Fans of Season 3 have remarked that Charles Halford, who plays Big John, is much taller than his co-stars Chase Stokes and Madeline Cline. Continue reading to learn the facts about Big John’s height on the Outer Banks.


In Outer Banks, How Tall Is Big John?

On the exciting Netflix show, Charles Halford, who plays Big John, is said to be 6 feet, 6 inches tall. While promoting his 2014 film Constantine with Atlanta magazine, the then-42-year-old actor discussed his usual audition process. Outer Bank preview share on their social handle.

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His height was a factor in his casting: “I’m a fairly tall guy, like six-six, so it’s rare that you see them deliberately seeking for incredibly tall guys for series regulars,” he said. “It was more of a height test than an actual audition. They said I did a decent enough job interviewing that they want to hire me.”Recently, the actor posted some candid photos of himself and his on-screen son Chase Stokes from Outer Banks to Instagram.

How is Big John alive?

Big John is cast from the ship and must fend for himself on an island. The guys searching for Carlos Singh arrive on the island just as he begins to fear for his life. Someone kidnaps him and takes him to Barbados.

Singh discovered a gnomon, or half of the signpost, leading to El Dorado. He plans to use Big John to get to El Dorado, but Big John and the other gnomon half getaway.

He gets in touch with Carla Limbrey, who is on the hunt for the shroud that can mend any wound. Even if the shroud wasn’t discovered within the cross, he promises to bring it to her regardless. Big John is able to wait it out in relative peace when Carla gives her approval.

He tells Carla that he didn’t want to risk John B’s life, therefore he never contacted his son to let him know he was alive. Big John rings the church bell to summon John B and his pals, just like he did when John B was a child. As John B. hears the bell ring, he heads to the church to find his father.

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ConclusionBig John from OBX is 6 feet, 6 inches tall, and is played by actor Charles Halford. He is alive and has reunited with his son John B. in Season 3 of the show. His relationship with his son is an important part of the show, as they must confront the discrepancy between his memories of his father in death and the man he knows now.