How To Force A Restart On Your iPad: How to Perform a Factory Reset

Apple products have a reputation for being more reliable than those of their rivals. However, this in no way implies that they are faultless. Overuse of apps might cause your iPad to run slowly or act erratically. The question then becomes, how can one coerce an iPad into restarting when it becomes necessary?

If your iPad has a home button, you can restart it by holding down the power and home buttons at the same time. In the absence of a dedicated “home” button, pressing and releasing the volume-up button is the next best thing. Lastly, restart the iPad by pressing and holding the power button.

Any issue you’re having with your iPad may typically be remedied by simply restarting it. Learn how to restart an iPad with and without a home button, as well as how the procedure varies between iOS versions. Also covered: are the various reset methods that can be used.


Why You Might Need to Force a Restart on Your iPad


There are a few situations in which you might need to force restart your iPad. To give just a few examples, it could be running at a lower frame rate than usual, or stuttering somewhat. In a similar vein, if your iPad is touch-enabled but fails to open a specific game or app, restarting it may rectify the situation.

If your iPad’s screen has frozen or it has stopped responding to touches, a forced restart may assist. When the iPad is disabled or overheated, a restart can also help.

Forcing a Reset for Different iOS Versions

There is currently no separate factory reset feature in any version of the iPadOS. Instead, you need to power off the device and then turn it back on to reset it. Using this procedure, you will not lose any information or run applications.

Consequently, the process is the same whether you’re using iOS 15 or a previous version, though the specifics may change based on whether or not your device has a physical home button.

Resetting an iPad With a Home Button

The iPad can be easily reset, and there’s no need to worry about losing any of your data or settings because of it. Here’s how to force restart an iPad with a home button:

To activate the device, click the power button on the top right (when you hold it in portrait mode).
To bring up a slider at the top of the screen, keep holding the button. Relax your grip when the slider icon appears. Another option is to open the Settings menu, select General, and then select ‘Shut Down.’ It’s time for you to see the slider.
To turn off your iPad, slide the switch to the right. As soon as the iPad’s display goes black, it has been turned off.
Once you have waited the recommended twenty to thirty seconds, turn the iPad back on by holding down the top button until the Apple logo appears. When the icon shows, release the button to power on the iPad.

Resetting an iPad Without a Home Button

Here’s how to reset an iPad that doesn’t have a home button:

When the slider appears, press and hold the power button and the volume up or down button simultaneously.
You can turn off the iPad in the same way: just slide the switch to the right.
To force a restart, press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears. When you let go of the button, the iPad will turn back on.

Hard Reset Options

A standard/soft reset is the most elementary form of the restart, requiring nothing more than turning off the iPad and turning it back on again. If you’re having hardware issues, this is the first step you should take.

A soft reset may not be possible if your iPad has frozen and no longer responds to touch. The slider might not show up at all in certain circumstances.

A factory reset may be useful here. If your iPad has suddenly stopped responding, this is the very first thing you should attempt. Like a regular or soft reset, this option will not erase any of your data.

A hard reset will erase all data, fixing whatever is causing the issue and allowing the system to start over. Whether or not your iPad has a home button affects the procedure for doing a hard reset (force restart).

iPad With a Home Button

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The home and power buttons must be held down simultaneously. As soon as a few seconds have passed, the slider will appear on the screen; however, you should not release the buttons just yet.
The screen will become black at some point.
As soon as the Apple logo appears, you can let off of the buttons, and the iPad will power up properly.

iPad Without a Home Button

Quickly decrease the volume, then rapidly increase it, then finally push and hold the power button.
When you see the Apple logo, you can release the buttons. This will force the iPad to restart.

How to Perform a Factory Reset

The factory reset is another common sort of reset. Although, it is rarely utilized to address issues that need fixing. However, this process is more commonly carried out just before an iPad is sent in for repair or put up for sale.

When you perform a factory reset, all of your customized settings, personal information, and installed programs are erased. In essence, it restores the iPad to the condition in which you first purchased it.

Click the ‘Erase All Content and Settings button in the menu that appears when you select Settings > General > Reset to execute a factory reset. Select “Erase iPad” to finish the process. TheActiveNewsCom is the place to go for the latest news.

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