How to Get Unlimited Hotspot on MetroPCS?

An Internet hotspot is a physical area where users may connect to the Internet. Using a router connected to an Internet service provider, anyone may use Wi-Fi technology. One may use a hotspot for several purposes. You can do business or do your job at a Public Hotspot. People can connect to the internet on their cell phones via a private hotspot. T-Metropcs Mobile’s service modifies Data Plan options. So, how can I receive MetroPCS’s unlimited hotspot data?


When you use your phone as a hotspot instead of your home’s Wi-Fi, your phone acts as a router, connecting other devices to the Internet. The other device needs your Wi-Fi password to connect to your Internet or Hotspot. We can make good use of a hotspot. Hotspots may be used anywhere.

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A person can gain an Internet connection by using someone else’s cell phone, but they first need to open their Internet connection and hotspot connection so that another person may easily use WiFi from their phone.


Metropcs also provides a free hotspot. MetroPCS is very popular in the market. Search for “Aptoide Foxfi key” on Google. Finally, choose the first one that appears on your screen which is a Foxfi Key Aptoide.

The Apk will be downloaded to your device if you click the Install button on the Apk’s page. As an Apk, it will be installed on your phone or tablet. To install the app, go to your device’s files or downloads and click on Install.

Open Aptoide on your mobile device and explore the features. The Foxfi key should be downloaded automatically after the Apk is launched, but if it isn’t, you’ll need to use the search icon to look for it. Click on the first Foxfi Key you find and then click it again.

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Install it after that. Go to the Apps section of your mobile device’s settings now. PdaNet is available under the Apps area, so go ahead and choose it. To do this, you’ll need to empty your cache and delete any previously saved data. Foxfi can be unlocked once you’ve done that.

Now you can see that the full version has been unlocked. For every five megabytes, you must activate the free version. Finally, enable the Wi-Fi hotspot, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen, and then click on the run proxy option to begin using the proxy server.
If you’re using a computer, you may set these same settings and they’ll automatically avoid consuming any Mobile Hotspot data. You’d have access to a mobile hotspot with limitless bandwidth. MetroPCS is now offering free, unlimited hotspot data.


The pricing is modest and sensible. People may utilize 5GB of Hotspot data and use Google One on 100GB. If customers add both the two lines then, they may obtain the plan for $80 just.


STEP 1:- Navigate to your device’s Settings menu.

STEP 2:- Go to your phone’s settings and select the Tethering option.

STEP 3:- Open the Mobile Hotspot and connect to it. If you’re using it for the first time, you’ll see a notification appear on your screen. You don’t have to do anything.

STEP 4:- Name your network and click on setup Mobile Hotspot to get started. There is an option to generate a password when you click on the security camera. Click on the “Save” button to complete the process.

How to Get Unlimited Hotspot on Metropcs


Many advantages come with using a hotspot, such as the ability to access the Internet over Wi-Fi if one’s Internet connection fails. When someone uses their Hotspot, they must first activate their mobile data. If you want to share your device with someone else, you’ll need to enable Wi-Fi on your Hotspot so that they can discover it and connect to it.

You’ll need a password from someone else to connect to their Hotspot if they’ve put one up on their Hotspot. Connecting hotspots with this method is simple and the Internet works nicely on both devices. T-Metropcs Mobile’s service automatically adjusts Hotspot plans. Using MetroPCS’s Hotspot is a cinch.
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