How To Move The Safari Search Bar To The Top of An iPhone Screen: Other iOS 15 Updates You Should Know

Until iOS 15, Safari’s search bar remained fixed at the top of the screen, but with the release of that operating system version, it migrated to the bottom. The change was made so that users of iPhones with larger displays could more easily reach the bar. If you decide you’d rather have it where it was before, moving it is a simple process.

To raise Safari’s search field to the top of your iPhone’s display, you can do one of two things: Launch Safari and then select the ‘AA’ icon to the left of the search box. You can activate the address bar at the top of your screen by selecting the appropriate option. As an alternate, you can go to Safari’s settings menu and select “Single Tab.”

Don’t stress if the search bar at the bottom of your screen is awkward or difficult to use. If you want it at the top, all it takes is a couple of taps. Let’s examine the new features included in iOS 15 and how you can make the search bar the primary one.


Why Is Your Search Bar at the Bottom of Your iPhone?

Many users will appreciate the new iOS 15 feature where the Safari search bar is located at the bottom of the screen.

The new Safari has a search bar that doubles as a tabs bar. The tabs in your browser’s tab bar now scroll left and right.

In earlier releases, you had to click the tabs icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to switch between tabs. Selecting the desired tab would load the page displaying thumbnail images of all currently active tabs.

Users may now more easily scan the content of a page thanks to the reduced clutter created by moving the search bar to the bottom of the screen, where it can be used with one hand.

How to Move Your Search Bar Back to the Top 

Iphone safari browser

If you’re not too happy with your search bar being at the bottom, you can easily revert to the previous top-of-the-window bar. This can be done through two apps — the Safari app or the Settings app.

Move the Search Bar in Safari

The search bar can be relocated with minimal effort directly in Safari. What you must do is as follows:

To do this, open your iPhone’s Safari browser and look for the ‘AA’ icon in the bottom left corner of the address bar. If the address bar has disappeared from the screen, you can see it again by scrolling up.
Selecting the AA button brings up a menu of choices. Pick the option to “Show Top Address Bar.” Ta-da!

Move the Search Bar in Settings

It’s not as simple or obvious to relocate the search bar in the Settings menu. However, it’s still not too hard! To achieve your goal, follow these steps:

Select “Settings” from the menu. Select “Safari” from the drop-down menu.
There are two buttons located in the Safari page’s tabbed portion. For the address bar to once again appear at the top of Safari, select ‘Single Tab’ from the menu on the right. These icons demonstrate where the address bar is located about the rest of the window.
Select the ‘Tab Bar’ symbol on the left if you’d want to return the search bar to its original position at the bottom of the screen.

Other iOS 15 Updates You Should Know

Changes to Safari, most notably the location of the address bar, were brought about by the iOS 15 upgrade. Additionally, iOS 15 includes a handful of other significant changes meant to improve the iPhone’s usability. Specifically, these are:


New and improved 3D views of bike lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, buildings, and more are now available in the Maps app.

Thanks to the enhanced road information and novel transit features, such as augmented reality walking directions, pinned favorite lines, and notifications to disembark, users have a better time maneuvering around urban areas by car.


In essence, this is an enhancement to the existing “Do Not Disturb” setting. The iPhone will be unable to receive incoming calls or texts when this mode is activated. If you don’t want to be interrupted while working or resting, this is a great option to have.


Iphone facetime

Spatial audio and voice isolation have been added to FaceTime in iOS 15. A new grid mode is available in FaceTime’s Portrait mode, allowing you to view more people simultaneously.

You may now exchange images during a FaceTime session with the brand new SharePlay function. You may also arrange a FaceTime call in advance and share the link with participants; the call can be joined from iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

Live Text

A truly remarkable function is Live Text. Using its built-in intelligence, your iPhone will be able to extract useful details from photos you shoot.

You may use the iPhone’s Optical Character Recognition feature to send an image’s text as an email attachment, look up driving directions, or even make a phone call. You can visit TheActiveNews.Com for further updates. 

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