How To Toggle iPhone Location Services (For All Apps or Just One): How To Turn iPhone Location Services Off/On

With the iPhone’s built-in location services, you can easily plan vacations, discover nearby services, find friends and family, and even track down your lost device. However, you shouldn’t feel obligated to keep these services running 24/7.

To disable Location Services, open the iPhone’s Settings menu, tap Privacy, and then scroll down to Location Services. If you enable location services, the device will be able to track your whereabouts. This option can be turned off globally or for specific programs. The timing of an app’s location access is also customizable.

There are only a few taps you need to make to fully personalize your location services. Let’s take a look at how you may manage the iPhone location services you use, including how to switch them on and off permanently or temporarily.


How to Turn iPhone Location Services Off/On

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Here is how to activate location services on your iPhone:

Navigate to the “Settings” menu.
Just hit the Privacy tab.
You’ll see a menu with Location Services at the very top.
To activate, tap the icon and the slider will appear on the following screen.
Next, on the Location Services page, repeat these steps to disable location services:

Turn the dial to the “Off” position.
There will be a window that pops up on your screen. To disable it, select “Turn Off.”

How to Turn Location Services Off/On for Specific Apps

Instead of disabling Location Services, you can disable it for individual apps by following these instructions:

Navigate to the “Settings” menu.
To change your privacy settings, click the corresponding button.
Click the “Location Services” option. A selection of available programs will show up. You can tailor the Location Services settings and the apps you allow access to your location by your personal preferences.
Depending on the apps you’ve chosen and the version of iOS your smartphone can run, you may see two or more of the following:

Never: To turn off location services while using the app, select this option. This also means that you can be locked out of certain functions until you update the app’s preferences.
Inquire further on: If you select this option, the app will always check with you before using Location Services.
Using the app, you can: If this is checked, location services will be activated whenever the app is opened and deactivated whenever it is closed.
Always: Choose this if you’re comfortable with the app having access to your location at all times, even when it’s not running.
Turn off the ‘Precise Position’ option if you don’t want an app to know your precise location but do want to allow it to access location data. Most services and apps only need to know your general location, and this will make it possible.

How to Turn Location Off/On for System Services

The time zone and location-based alerts that your phone provides are both examples of system services that operate invisibly in the background. They also aid apps in figuring out where your iPhone is relatively speaking.

To enable or disable location tracking for System Services, follow these steps:

Access the “Settings” menu.
Pick the ‘Privacy’ tab.
Pick the “Location Services” option.
System Services is the last option on the drop-down menu. Use the tap method.
On the following screen, you will see a selection of options that you can activate or deactivate.
Keep in mind that you can prevent your iPhone from recording your location by disabling ‘Significant Locations’ in System Services. 

How to Turn Location Off/On for Find My on iPhone

To locate your iPhone and share its whereabouts with loved ones, use the Find My app, which is powered by Apple’s Location Services (and vice versa)

Here’s how to stop the Find My App from broadcasting your location to anyone else when you don’t want it to:

Select “Settings” from the menu. Your name will be shown at the very top of the menu. Use the tap method.
Choose “Find My” from the available apps.
By toggling the option next to “Share my Location,” you can prevent the app from broadcasting your location.
When the toggle is set to the grey position, the Find My app will no longer use Location Services.
Here’s what you should do to prevent anyone from using Location Services:

Choose the “Find My” app from your iPhone’s menu.
Choose the “People” menu option. When you click “Share with,” a list of verified contacts appears.
Check the box next to the person’s name whose location you’d like to broadcast to.
Choose the option to “Delete Friend.”

To disable location sharing, select the option.

Should You Turn Location Services Off?

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Although disabling Location Services can improve security and extend battery life, there are circumstances in which you should keep them enabled. Take, as an illustration:

Find My iPhone allows you to monitor your device’s whereabouts if it is misplaced or stolen. With this app, you can let loved ones know exactly where you are. Always have this turned on, as you never know when your phone can be stolen or lost.
For those who are interested in checking out these maps: If you disable Location Services, map applications will no longer be able to direct you. You will be invisible to ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber.
When you dial 911, your location won’t be revealed: If you ever need to make an emergency call from your iPhone, knowing exactly where it is located will greatly improve response times.
No geotag will be added to your photos: If you don’t enable Location Services on your iPhone, you won’t be able to tag images with specific locations.
As a result, you will not be offered recommendations based on your current location: You will no longer receive localized search and news recommendations if you turn off Location Services. You can visit TheActiveNews.Com for further updates.

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