Is It Possible To Unlock Your iPhone Without A Computer?: How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Siri

It’s normal to occasionally forget your iPhone’s passcode; after all, we’re all human. The simplest answer is to use a computer to unlock the iPhone, however, this isn’t always possible. Is it possible, then, to unlock an iPhone without using a computer?

While an iTunes backup is the simplest method, the Find My iPhone app and a fault in the Siri software both allow iPhones to be unlocked without the need for a computer. Additionally, an iCloud backup can be used to recover the iPhone’s data.

So that you can find a method that works for you, let’s examine the numerous ways you can unlock your iPhone without using a computer.


Can You Unlock Your iPhone Without a Computer?

Enter Passcode concept on phone screen

An iPhone can be unlocked without a computer, though doing so is significantly simpler with a computer. Without a computer, you can use Find My iPhone on another iPhone, or Siri on an iPhone running iOS 8 through iOS 10.1, to unlock your device.

Even if you don’t have access to another iOS device, you can still utilize the iCloud website to access Find My iPhone if your iPhone is running iOS 7 or later. You can then unlock the iPhone by restoring it to its original factory settings.

However, Siri is the only way to successfully unlock your iPhone without using a third-party tool, and that only works with specific versions of iOS.

How to Unlock Your iPhone With Find My iPhone

If you have another Apple device, you can use Find My iPhone to access your locked iPhone without needing to use a computer. You can use a different iPhone or iPad, but your Apple ID will work best with a device you’ve already set up.

There is no special version of iOS required for this technique to work; it will work on all iPhones.

When you’re ready to use Find My iPhone to get into your locked iPhone, follow these steps:

Get the Find My iPhone app from the App Store on another iOS device. If the existing account isn’t linked to your Apple ID, you’ll need to sign out of it.
Enter your Apple ID and password, just like you did with your iPhone.
Choose your Apple iPhone from the list of supported gadgets.
Choose the “Erase Phone” option. Your iPhone’s data will be erased and it will be reset to its original configuration. Additionally, your iPhone will restart without requiring a passcode.
To set up your iPhone, just stick to the on-screen prompts. Choose “Restore From iCloud Backup” from the “Set Up Your iPhone” menu.
To recover data from an iCloud backup, enter your iCloud email address and password and then choose a backup from the list.
After you’ve gained access, you can alter your iPhone’s passcode to something more manageable or set up an alternative unlocking method.

How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Siri 

Hey siri on iphone

A Siri flaw allows you to bypass the passcode on iPhones running iOS 8 through iOS 10.1. You only need your iPhone for this procedure, and none of your data will be lost in the process.

If you’re using the right version of iOS, you can use Siri to unlock your iPhone by following these steps:

If you want to use Siri, you may either say “Hi Siri” or hold the home button.
If you want to know the current time anywhere in the world, just ask Siri.
Siri has an integrated clock feature that may display the current time. If you select the world clock, you may examine the current local times in various cities around the globe.
To add something, just hit the plus button in the upper right corner. You’ll soon have a brand-new app on your phone that lets you keep track of the time.
You can tell others about your new time feature via text, email, or even social media after it’s finished being developed.
Pick the “Send Message” tab. To add a new contact, tap the ‘To’ tab, and then the ‘+’ button. So far, you haven’t committed to anything in the message.
There is a space for your first and last names, and then an ‘Add Photo’ button. Tap here to view photos on your mobile device.
To exit the gallery library without inputting the passcode, simply tap the back or home button. Once you enter the correct unlock code, your phone will be free to use.
Even though this is the simplest way to unlock an iPhone, it is only compatible with certain software updates, so it may not work for you. This vulnerability demonstrates why it is crucial to always use the most recent version of iOS on your iPhone.

Erasing Your iPhone

If you don’t have access to another iPhone and the Siri workaround doesn’t help, you’ll have to wipe your device and restore it from an iCloud or iTunes backup.

Just as with the Find My iPhone app, you can delete all data from your iPhone and then restore it from your iCloud backup.

Repeatedly entering an incorrect passcode is required before the “Erase iPhone” option becomes available. The iPhone will remain inaccessible for a full minute after 6 failed attempts to unlock it.

If the iPhone is disabled for 15 minutes, keep trying. At that time, an “Erase iPhone” button will appear on your device.

To return your iPhone to its original settings, choose this option. The ‘Restore from iCloud’ option will become available after the phone reboots.

Using iTunes or iCloud

It is necessary to restore the iPhone from an iCloud or iTunes backup regardless of whether the reset was performed with or without a computer.

If you’ve forgotten the passcode of your iPhone, you can restore it using iTunes. Furthermore, this is the simplest method for unlocking your phone.

Using iTunes or iCloud to unlock your iPhone is significantly simpler than using the Find My Phone app or crossing your fingers that your iOS is compatible with the Siri bug, but it does require you to have access to a computer (Mac or PC).

To use iTunes to access your iPhone’s hidden features, follow these steps:

To turn on and enter home screen mode on an iPhone, press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time. If your iPhone doesn’t have a home button, press and hold the power button and the volume up/down arrows. If you want to enter recovery mode, keep holding these buttons.
Use a USB connection to link your iPhone to your computer.
To listen to music, launch iTunes. The iTunes app is only available for download on non-Mac devices.
If your iPhone is malfunctioning, you’ll receive an error message. If you want to restore it, click that button.
You may easily recover your phone by following the on-screen instructions.
Make sure your electronic devices (phone and computer) have enough of juice before attempting this procedure. Keep the iPhone connected until the restoration process is complete.

Depending on how much information is backed up, the process could take anything from a few minutes to many hours.

Instead of using iTunes, you can use iCloud to recover your iPhone if you lose it. Using iCloud to restore your phone is much the same as using the Find My iPhone app, except that the latter can only be accessed through the iCloud website.

Simply enter your Apple ID and password at To delete your iPhone and restore it from the iCloud backup, repeat the procedures outlined for Find My iPhone. Go to TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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