Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age.Is Jacob Hurley Bongiovi An Actor?

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age. Is Jacob Hurley Bongiovi An Actor? Jake Bongiovi, a student in the USA, was born on May 7, 2002, in New Jersey. Palm Beach, Florida is where he was born. He was born in the United States and currently retains American citizenship. Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is his name, and it has a connotation that is only applicable to a physical being. The name is a variant of the Hebrew Yaakov.

He is tall 5 feet, 11 inches (5 feet and 11 inches). Being the son of American musician and singer Jon Bon Jovi has helped him propel his international fame. Want to know more about Jake Bongiovi? You’ll find the answers to all of your questions here. Here you can find out anything you want to know about Jake Bongiovi, including his date of birth, height, age, net worth, girlfriend, and more.


Parents, Siblings & Education

Twenty-year-old Jacob Hurley Bongiovi was born in his wealthy parents’ Palm Beach, Florida, a mansion on May 7, 2002. How Jon Bon Jovi met and wed his wife is a sweet love story. According to reliable sources, in 1989 while on The New Jersey Syndicate Tour, Jon took a jet to Las Vegas and married his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley. 

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He has two older sisters, Stephanie Rose and Jesse James Louis, and one younger brother, Romeo Jon, making Jake the third eldest kid in the family. Hurley attended the prestigious Pennington High School, and he is now a student at Syracuse University.

Personal Life & Career

Elle claims that Jacob has little interest in following in his father’s professional footsteps. Bongiovi has listed “Actor” as his occupation on Instagram, despite having never actually acted in anything. Perhaps one day he’ll appear on TV alongside Bobby. All eyes are currently on Bongiovi and Brown, but few know how long their romance has been going strong.

There are pictures that show Jake and Millie have been dating since June 2021. They made an appearance together at a BAFTA function later and confirmed that they were dating. They eventually opened up to each other and began sharing frequent photos online. With the news that Hurley is dating Bobby Brown, over 600,000 people have started following Bongiovi on Instagram.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, Boyfriend Of Millie Bobby Brown

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is one of the sons of famous American rocker Jon Bon Jovi. He was born on May 7, 2002, making him 20 years old. He has over 789k Instagram followers, and he is often in the news since he is the boyfriend of Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown; the two were spotted at the premiere of the fourth season of the Netflix show together just recently.

Everyone is curious about Bobby’s new boyfriend, Jacob, aka Jake, now that his name has been made public. All the facts and figures concerning Hurley’s life may be found in this article from Celebsweek. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about this rising talent.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi  Father

His dad, Jon Bon Jovi, came from New Jersey’s Perth Amboy. When he was a kid, he never really cared much about school. Instead, he spent his formative years fantasizing about life on the road with a famous band. Beginning with roles in Moonlight, Valentino, and U-571, as well as guest spots on The West Wing, Sex and the City, and Ally McBeal, he quickly established himself as a working actor. Soon after, he’d become the frontman for the mega-popular rock band, Bon Jovi, becoming a household name in the process. In addition to his acting success in Hollywood, he is well-known for his solo recordings.  Here Jon Bon Jovi song clips are given below.

Is Jacob Hurley Bongiovi An Actor?

Bongiovi is a current student at New York’s Syracuse University. Despite his lack of recent performing credits, he lists himself as an actor on his social media profiles. Perhaps he sees a career in acting in his future.

Hurley is currently unemployed due to his lack of an active career. But as a kid star, he benefits from his parents’ enormous fortune. His father’s fortune is reported to be $410 million by Celebrity Net Worth. Because he is the son of a famous actor, Hurley enjoys a luxurious lifestyle that his father’s fortune has made possible.

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