James Bergener Net Worth: Sugar Daddy Dating How Did Noella Bergener Meet Her Ex-husband

James Bergener was born in the U.S. state of California. On July 17, 1971, he was born. In 2021, he will be 50 years old. He is an American lawyer and a partner at Bergener Law Firm. James is in a married relationship. He married Noella Bergener.

She joined the Real Housewives of Orange County in season 16 as one of the new cast members. This couple is lucky to have two kids, Coco and James Jr. In 2002, he got his diploma from Whittier College. Bill R. Bergener and Susan M. Bergener are his parents (mother).


James Bergener Net Worth

James Bergener Net Worth
James Bergener Net Worth

The American lawyer is worth about $5 million, according to estimates. Most of his money comes from the law firm where he works. He is a Chief Global Strategist there.

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Sugar Daddy Dating How Did Noella Bergener Meet Her Ex-husband

Noella Bergener, a member of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” justified how she met her current spouse while using a sugar daddy dating service. Bergener was questioned by presenter Andy Cohen about meeting James, who she has alleged abandoned their 2-year-old kid, on Seeking Arrangement during part one of the “RHOC” reunion on Wednesday.  Host Andy Cohen remarked, “I thought, pardon me, [Seeking Arrangement was] for more of a sugar daddy sort of thing, wondering if she simply married him for his money.”

Noella, 36, added, “I mean there are lovely females, and affluent guys are the standard, but I don’t think money was on my mind when I met him. She remarked, “I wanted to create a family and adore this man. Noella was also questioned by Cohen about their relationship’s chronology. We were legally married for one year after five years together, she stated. He was divorced when I first met him, so after we discovered we could have kids and I could begin IVF, I felt it was vital to stage a family gathering and take a photo of myself wearing a white outfit.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t quite legal, we nonetheless conducted a wedding ceremony. Noella stated it wasn’t a huge concern for her that he got married before his divorce from his first wife was legally official. “I didn’t give a damn about the divorce papers themselves. Anyone who was out there said that I was interested in money or gold-digging behavior, she said. She and James, who wed in 2020, had a turbulent divorce, with the Bravo actress alleging that he abandoned their son, James Jr., who has autism.

Additionally, she claimed that when he canceled all of her credit cards, she was “squatting” in their mansion. In a December 2021 episode of “RHOC,” Noella complained, “James has not seen our son or given me any explanation for his leaving. “He left the state to avoid being called to duty.

He hasn’t made a single child support payment, ceased making mortgage payments, and is presently delaying our divorce unless I sign a statement admitting that I lied about him, his business partner, and his reputation. My cards are still locked out.

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