Jane The Virgin Cast:Who Are The Six Actor & Actresses In The Jane the Virgin Cast?

Jane the Virgin Cast: Who Are The Six Actors & Actresses In The Jane the Virgin Cast? The first episode of Jane the Virgin aired on The CW on October 13, 2014. It is an American romantic comedy-drama. Gina Rodriguez plays Jane Villanueva, a young Latina virgin who gets pregnant after being accidentally inseminated by an artificial sperm donor at her place of employment. The mysterious “Spanish Lover” narrates the show, detailing the events of Jane’s life.

Besides Brett Dier as Jane’s detective love interest Michael, the cast includes Ivonne Coll as her grandmother Alba, Rafael, Jane’s ex-husband, Justin Baldoni as Rafael, and Yael Grobglas as Petra, Rafael’s conniving wife.


Jane The Virgin Cast: Who Are The Six Actors & Actresses In The Jane the Virgin Cast?

It was immediately apparent that Jane the Virgin, a romantic comedy-drama airing on CW, would be unlike any other show on the network when the pilot aired on October 14, 2014. The celebrated romance, written by Jennie Snyder Urman, cleverly employs the telenovela genre as a structural device for a story that, without it, would be entirely out there.

Gina Rodriguez plays Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin. Jane is 23 years old and a virgin when she gets pregnant accidentally using artificial insemination. Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), a wealthy and charming cancer survivor and ex-playboy, generously provided the sample. Unsurprisingly, Jane’s fiancé, Michael Cordero, a police officer in Miami, isn’t taking this unexpected turn of events very well (Brett Dier). The satirical telenovela is full of surprises, such as a surprisingly well-executed love triangle. This murder mystery borders on insanity and a pair of twins have been kept a secret (Narrator voice: I know! The plot sounds like something right out of a telenovela.
Jane the Virgin is a show that celebrates its soap opera roots without ever completely mocking them, and this is the show’s heart. Meaningful relationships include Jane’s with her mother, “Xo” (Andrea Navedo), and her Abuela Alba (Ivonne Coll), three generations of Latina women who encourage and uplift each other on their journeys to love and happiness.
To help you keep track of the actors that played your favorite CW telenovela characters and find out what they’re up to today, we’ve compiled this comprehensive cast and character reference for Jane the Virgin.

Gina Rodriguez (Jane Villanueva)

 Jane the Virgin Cast

The 2015 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy went to Gina Rodriquez, who made history by playing Jane Villanueva. It’s not shocking that Rodriguez has been so productively occupied ever since her critically lauded role as Jane ended. After starring in and producing the Disney + comedy-drama series Diary of a Future President, Rodriguez added “director” to her list of credits. She has also delved into voice acting, notably as Carmen Sandiego in the Netflix animated series of the same name and her recurring role as Gina Alvarez on Netflix’s Big Mouth.

In addition to her regular parts on television, she has a busy film career. In 2019, she had roles in Miss Bala, Someone Wonderful, and the short film Andy’s Song. After that, she lent her voice as Velma in the upcoming animated film Scoob! And headlined the first-ever science fiction feature film produced by Netflix, Awake.I Want You Back, a romantic comedy; Lost Ollie, an animated series; Carmen Sandiego, a cinematic adaption.

Justin Baldoni (Rafael Solano)

Jane the Virgin Cast

Rafael Solano, Jane’s baby daddy, is portrayed by Justin Baldoni. At the start of the series, Rafael is married to the manipulative Petra Solano (Yael Grobglas), who had intended to use Rafael’s final sperm sample as bait to keep him in the marriage (She will surprisingly grow on you, we promise). Since this is a telenovela, it should be no surprise that Rafael and Jane develop romantic feelings for one another. Their romance is heartwarming, but it has had to overcome many challenges.

In recent years, Baldoni has shifted his focus from acting to producing and directing. In 2019, Baldoni made his directorial debut with the love drama Five Foot Apart, which he also co-wrote and co-founded with the Wayfarer Foundation. By 2020, he had directed Clouds, a musical theater on Disney+ based on the true story of Zach Sobiech, a talented kid who was given only months to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now, Baldoni produces and co-hosts The Man Enough Podcast.

Brett Dier (Michael Cordero)

Jane The Virgin Cast

Fans of the show will recognize Brett Dier as Jane’s fiancé, Michael Cordero, who is struggling to come to terms with his girlfriend becoming pregnant while still a virgin thanks to an incredibly gorgeous and wealthy hotelier. I’ll admit that my house is firmly on Team Michael, but the love story between Michael and Jane is one for the ages.

After starring in Jane the Virgin, Dier played C.B. in the 1990s-set ABC spinoff Schooled. In 2021, he appeared in the science fiction drama After Yang, and he’ll soon join the likes of Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones in the upcoming social thriller Fresh.

Andrea Navedo (Xiomara “Xo” Villanueva)

Jane’s vivacious mother, Xiomara, or “Xo,” is portrayed by Andrea Navedo. Xo was just 16 years old when she gave birth to Jane. Xo (Ivonne Coll) is a dancing instructor with a passion for singing who frequently clashes with her ultra-religious mother, Alba (Ivonne Coll), who is adamant about reserving sexual intimacy for married partners.

After her breakout role on Jane the Virgin, Navedo appeared in various shows, such as the Paramount Plus original The Good Fight and the drama miniseries Mrs. America. Her next film, Smile or Hug, is a comedy directed by and starring her fellow Jane the Virgin alum, Justin Baldoni.

Jaime Camil (Rogelio de la Vega)

Narcissistic yet charming soap actor Rogelio de la Vega, played by Jaime Camil, has just learned of the existence of his daughter, Jane. To Rogelio’s dismay, Jane has been happy inside her maternal family unit, but he is determined to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Rogelio is popular among listeners and has an extreme affinity for the color lavender.

After his breakout performance as Rogelio, Camil continued his acting career in both live-action and animation. He voiced recurring characters in Disney animated programs, including The Lion Guard, Elena of Avalor, Ducktales, and Netflix’s BoJack Horseman. He has a recurring role in the CBS comedy series Broke as Javier in 2020. Now, he can be seen opposite Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong in Schmigadoon! on Apple TV+, where he plays the part of Doc Lopez. The upcoming crime thriller film Kimi and the comedy series Guerrillas both include him in prospective roles.

Ivonne Coll (Alba Villanueva)

Ivonne Coll portrays Alba Villanueva, Jane’s grandma, and Xo’s mom. Alba is a doting and guardian matriarch, but that doesn’t mean she has it easy. Alba punishes Xo by teaching Jane early on that having sexual relations before marriage is a terrible sin. Xo gave birth to Jane when she was a teenager.

Coll has had cameo roles as Sister Angelica on the hit drama Lucifer and the lead role in the Disney Junior comedy Fancy Nancy since her time as the Villanueva matriarch. Like some of her Jane the Virgin co-stars, Coll will be switching gears from acting to producing on a new project called Calle de la Resistencia, a historical musical drama that examines the battle of the Puerto Rican people.

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