John Fetterman Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Politician Actually?

John Fetterman, a prominent Democrat, is running for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2022. He became Pennsylvania’s 34th lieutenant governor in 2019, and his political affiliation is with the Democratic Party. John Fetterman’s wealth in 2022 is estimated to be close to $800,000.

Full Name John Karl Fetterman
Date of Birth August 15, 1969
Birthplace West Reading, Pennsylvania
Profession Politician
Wife Gisele Barreto Almeida
Net Worth $800 thousand


John Fetterman Early Life

Fetterman was born to Susan and Karl Fetterman on August 15, 1969, in Pennsylvania. His father became a partner in an insurance company in York, Pennsylvania, where he grew up. Surprisingly, good fortune smiled on his father, as the insurance business flourished. His family amassed wealth over time.

According to Fetterman, he slept through his adolescence and early adulthood. His upbringing was one of affluence, he said. His academic pursuits led him to Albright College, where he graduated with a degree in financial studies. His education continued in 1993 when he earned an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

The death of his friend John in a vehicle crash had a profound impact on his life and professional choices. Upon learning of his friend’s death, he enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and was matched with a young kid of eight whose father had died from AIDS. The boy’s mother had the same condition and was also near death. John assured the boy’s mother that he would care for him following her passing.

John Fetterman Career

In 1995, Fetterman signed up with AmeriCorps, a nonprofit that does its own thing. Sometime later, he began instructing kids in Pittsburgh who were working toward their General Education Development Standards. He attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and graduated with a Master of Public Policy in 1999.

John began his professional life in the insurance industry. After that, he joined AmeriCorps and moved to Braddock in 2001. He relocated to Braddock in 2004. Meanwhile, he served as the mayor of Braddock on a part-time basis. In addition, he was the city’s full-time youth program director.

Despite being mayor, Fetterman only received $150 per month in compensation. His father gave him $54,000 in 2015. During the 2005 mayoral election, John faced off against Pauline Abdullah. In the end, he narrowly defeated his opponent in the general election. After John revealed sealed records detailing Jayme Cox’s arrest in 2004, Jayme Cox confronted John in 2009, accusing him of misusing his position of authority. He finally won the primary election by beating Cox.

Following his election victory, he quickly got to work creating a website for Braddock. At first, he tackled the town’s dismal economy and rundown buildings. There was an attempt to have him removed from a town council meeting in 2009. This man was taken into custody back in November of 2010. The moment he refused to leave the United States Steel Tower’s grounds, however, he was freed.

He first began openly defying Pennsylvania’s 1996 ban on same-sex marriage in 2013. In the same year, he opened a restaurant in Braddock in collaboration with the renowned chef Kevin Sousa. John declared his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for a Senate seat in the United States in September 2015. He declared his candidacy for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor afterward.

On May 15, Fetterman prevailed over his Democratic primary opponents to become the next Lieutenant Governor of California. He is a candidate for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania in the upcoming 2022 election. When Fetterman ran for the Senate in 2022, he claimed to be just a Democrat, not a progressive.

John Fetterman Personal Life

In 2008, John Fetterman tied the knot with Brazilian-American activist Gisele Barreto Fetterman (née Almeida). After hearing of his work as mayor of Braddock, his wife Gisele wrote him a letter in 2007. After then, he sent an invitation for Gisele to come to Braddock. They finally tied the knot the next year. They have three children together as a couple.

John Fetterman Net Worth 2022

As of the year 2022, John Fetterman is expected to have amassed a fortune of roughly $800,000. His current pay is about $217,610 per year. According to his financial disclosure from May 2021, his wealth is between $717,000 and $1.58 million. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, filed a tax lien lawsuit against Fetterman in 2008. The back taxes were finally paid in 2012 when he had some financial stability. is where you should go to get the most recent information.

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