Johnny Weir Net Worth: Why Is Johnny Weir So Famous?

The moniker “Sonny Werner” isn’t exactly a secret among skateboard fans. American figure skater, fashion designer, and television commentator Johnny Weir is well known for his work alongside Sara Lipinski. His contributions to LGTBQ activism are another reason for his notoriety.


Johnny Weir’s Net Worth

Weir is worth $4m, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. He makes the vast majority of his money via endorsement deals and TV appearances. He has recently signed on with the National Broadcasting Company as a figure skating analyst.  He started working for NBC as a commentator at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.
For two Olympic Games in 2014, he worked as a commentator for NBC alongside sportscaster Terry Gannon and his friend and fellow skater Tara Lipinski. To Read More Articles Like This Visit This Tori Spelling Net Worth.

What Is Johnny Weir’s Salary?

Some analysts and reporters have speculated that Weir earns $500,000 per year. Considering that Weir only started working in broadcasting in 2014, this is a huge improvement. Weir’s reputation and therefore his compensation have increased since 2014 when he made only $65,000 for his NBC event work. To Read More Articles Like This Visit This Nancy Pelosi Net Worth.

Johnny Weir Deletes Controversial Tweet

Popular NBC analyst Johnny Weir tweeted on Sunday night amid nationwide protests and violence following the death of George Floyd, writing, “I shouldn’t have to go to bed with a loaded pistol nearby,” and adding the hashtags #ICantBreathe and #StopLooting.

To paraphrase the full tweet (which has since been deleted): “I comprehend that I will never understand. I’m aware of the fact that you’ll never get it. Come to terms with each other. You should care about your community. I shouldn’t have to sleep with a pistol next to me every night. The hashtags “#ICannotBreathe #StopLooting” Weir wrote another tweet at 4:55 a.m. in response to the growing number of negative responses about the first one:

“I woke up in the middle of the night realizing I had made a huge typo/error that altered the meaning of everything I had written. When I woke up and realized my mistake, I was mortified that I hadn’t checked it again before bed. I beg your pardon.

He did not elaborate on the significant blunder he had made.

When Did Johnny Weir Become a Nationally Recognized Figure Skater?

Weir began her figure skating career in Delaware, New Jersey, and Moscow, Russia. She was born in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Weir is the first American male skater to win at the junior worlds since Derrick Delmore in 1998, and the tenth American overall.

During the 2002–03 season, Wer skated in just one international competition (the Finlandia Trophy) and bowed out of the Cup of Russia. He also withdrew from the 2003 United States Championship in Dallas.

Despite enduring a rough patch during the 2002–03 campaign, Wer made a huge rebound in the following year. Since 1991, he is the youngest U.S. National Champion and in 2007 he became the first American to win the Cup of Russia.

Johnny Weir Net Worth

In addition, Weir was the first skater to win the U.S. Nationals three times since Brian Boitano in the late 1980s. Weir earned numerous national and international medals in figure skating and competed for the United States in the Olympics twice. In 2013,

he decided to end his playing career and focus on a career in broadcasting instead. During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Weir worked as an NBC analyst for the figure skating competition. Weir’s ex-husband, Victor Voronov, sued her for defamation while she was going through a contentious divorce. To Read More Articles Like This Visit This Corey Gamble Net Worth.

Johnny Weir Condemns the Olympics Decision To Let Kamila Valieva Continue Skate

Weir is proficient in Russian and has connections to Russian coaches. After failing a pre-Olympic drug test, Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva was noticeably subdued during his performances. Lipinski and Weir occasionally mentioned Valieva’s jumps, and their silence contributed to an atmosphere that was already extremely heated for such a high-stakes arena.

However, Weir withdrew her support when figure skater Kamila Valieva, then 15 years old, tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in advance of the 2022 Winter Olympics. After Valieva finished, she sobbed. As Weir put it, “All I can feel like saying is that was Kamila Valieva‘s short program at the Olympics.” It’s no surprise if you’ve seen any figure skating in the last few years.

Lipinski had said earlier, “I don’t know how many times in the past year I’ve claimed that she is the best figure skater I’ve ever seen, and simply stating that now not only makes me perplexed, but it makes me angry, and again, I’m disoriented by everything that I thought I knew.” To Read More Articles Like This Visit This Dillon Danis Net Worth.

Weir told an NBC reporter he “condemns this choice with every ounce of my spirit” after the Olympics opted to let Valieva compete in Beijing despite a failing drug test. “The Olympics has to be clean or it’s not fair,” he argues.

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