Johnson County: Who Will Win 2022 Johnson County Commission Primary Elections?

A contentious primary race is raging to succeed longtime Johnson County Commission Chairman Ed Eilert, who is stepping down.

Charlotte O’Hara, a conservative outspoken, and Shirley Allenbrand, who was endorsed by Eilert & defeated conservative Mike Brown in 2020, were both elected to the commission just two years ago.

Roeland Park Mayor Mike Kelly, perhaps best known for his efforts to combat climate change, and certified public bookkeeper Ken Selzer, who, like O’Hara, questions the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, are the other candidates.

The top two finishers in Tuesday’s primary will advance to the November general election.
As a result, only one of the three commission seats up for election this year will be contested in the primary, that of Michael Ashcraft for the 5th District seat.

Re-elected Ashcraft has been on the commission as long as the outgoing chairman Eilert, who is stepping down at the end of the year.

Scott Callaway, a planning engineer, & Stephanie Suzanne Berland, a certified accountant, are his two rivals in the race for the office of mayor.


In the November General Election, Kelly and O’hara Will Compete.

10:15 p.m.: Updated In the race to replace outgoing Johnson County Commission Chairman Ed Eilert, Johnson County voters chose Roeland Park Mayor Mike Kelly and Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara on Tuesday night.

Final results from Tuesday night show that Kelly received 91,558 votes—37 percent of all ballots cast in the race—and outperformed his rival candidates.

O’Hara received 25 percent of the vote, beating Ken Selzer, who received 13 percent, and Shirley Allenbrand, who received 15 percent.

Commissioner Michael Ashcraft garnered the most votes in the 5th Congressional District race, garnering 15,200 of the total, or 41% of the total.

Challenger Stephanie Suzanne Berland came in second place with 9,665 votes or 26% of the vote and is a certified public accountant and a political newbie.

Tuesday’s results from the county were based on unofficial totals that have yet to be certified.

Mail-in ballots are still being counted through Friday, as long as they were postmarked on Election Day, so the final count is expected to change.


As of 9:40 p.m., the following information has been updated: Mike Kelly and Charlotte O’Hara were leading the pack of candidates in the countywide race for commission chair as most precincts around Johnson County tallied their votes.

Roeland Park Mayor Kelly was leading the pack with 80,753 votes to O’Hara’s 54,781 as 72 percent of precincts reported.

Shirley Allenbrand, the 6th District Commissioner, and Ken Selzer, the former Kansas Insurance Commissioner, were third and fourth, respectively, with 29,050 votes each.

The primary election for Commissioner Ashcraft’s 5th District was also on the ballot. Ashcraft received 12,868 votes, followed by Stephanie Suzanne Berland with 7,908 and Scott Callaway with 5,437 in the primary election.

Early voting has KELLY and O’Hara leading the race for commission chairman

Updated at 9 p.m. EST on Monday: Kelly had 50,894 votes to O’Hara’s 28,497, according to early results. Shirley Allenbrand, the commissioner candidate for the 6th District, received 17,925 votes, while Ken Selzer came in fourth with 15,509.

With 7,713 out of the 18,365 total votes cast, incumbent Michael Ashcraft won the primary for the 5th District. Stephanie Suzanne Berland received 4,502 votes, while Scott Callaway received 3,967.

About two hours after polls in Kansas officially closed, the first round of results began to trickle in around 9 p.m. All 610 precincts had yet to finish tabulating their results, even though early voting had begun.

Johnson County

Polls in Johnson County have ended

Updated at 7 p.m. on Monday. After polls closed at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, early results from the Johnson County primary election were expected to be released.

A preliminary set of results may be available as early as 7:30 p.m. according to election officials in the county. At 7 p.m., if voters were still waiting in line to vote, that would affect the timeline.

The first round of voting will include all votes cast in advance. As of Thursday, about 62,000 of the county’s 456,000 registered voters had cast their ballots, indicating a high voter turnout. If you read more about the latest news so you can visit TheActivenews.Com.

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