Jon Stewart Wife: Jon Stewart Met His Wife

When Jon Stewart stepped down as host of The Daily Show in 2015, he began devoting more time to making films and supporting causes important to veterans and first responders.

He has also been able to devote more time to his family, which consists of his wife Tracey McShane (now Tracey Stewart) and their two daughters. Stewart’s marriage is a well-kept secret because the comedian does not like to discuss his private life. This guide to Jon Stewart’s wife, Tracey, will fill you in on the 58-year-old comedian’s private life at home.


Jon Stewart Met His Wife, Tracey McShane, On A Blind Date

In 1997, Stewart almost completely messed up his first date with his future bride. Stewart was given Tracey’s number by a female production assistant who thought the two would get along while they were both working on the film Wishful Thinking.

The comic was willing to take a chance by calling Tracey and asking her out on a blind date, and he even had the nerve to write Tracey’s number down on a dollar bill (remember, this was before smartphones). Before he could call her, he had already used the dollar to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Fortunately, Stewart did a little investigating and located Tracey’s contact information. As in, “Remember how they used to hand out cast papers with everyone’s contact information?” stated Stewart in a 2002 interview with Larry King on CNN.

Since she was the production assistant’s roommate, I was able to get her contact information from that location. Then I made a phone call. Honestly, it was a very sophisticated manoeuvre on your part.


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Stewart Popped the Question Using a Cryptogram

Just when you thought the story of how they first met was sweet, Stewart surprised her with a proposal that will make your heart skip a beat. The comedian had been dating Tracey for over four years before deciding to make his proposal truly unforgettable. He therefore sought the aid of Will Shortz, who is widely recognised as the editor of the New York Times’ crossword puzzles.

Tracey, who was also a fan of the NYT crossword puzzle, had no idea that Shortz had hidden other clues in there with hidden meanings that all had to do with Stewart’s proposal. Just think about Tracey’s reaction when she finds out her boyfriend proposed to her via crossword puzzle.
Aside from the fact that they were already known as “Mr. and Mrs. Stewart,” the couple’s wedding was notable for the fact that they weren’t called that until much later. That’s because “Jon Stewart” wasn’t The Daily Show star’s official name when they tied the knot.

The comedian, born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, dropped his surname as a result of his tense relationship with his father and became known simply as “Jonathan.” Instead of going by his mother’s maiden name (“I thought it would be just too big a fuck you to my dad,” he said), he adopted a variant spelling of his middle name. He became known as Jon Stewart once he began doing stand-up.

Jon Stewart Wife

The Couple Have Two Children Together

Nathan “Nate” Thomas was born in 2004, and Maggie Rose followed in 2006. There was a problem becoming pregnant, so they tried in vitro fertilisation (IVF), as reported in a 2015 New York Times article Tracey Stewart.

When Jon Stewart’s wife had to self-administer painful shots for the surgery, he did what he does best and made her laugh by dressing up the couple’s many pets. “The cat’s name was Stanley—Stanley Tucci—and he’d put him in a tiny hat,” Tracey said, according to the New York Times. A lot of us joked that he was a “Nurse Tucci. After that, he dressed my dog Monkey in these medical garbs. And Jon was dressed in a white lab coat and… well, you’ll just have to look at the pictures to believe it. If you read more posts like this post so you can visit on TheActiveNews.Com.

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