Jordan Ladd Net Worth: What Is Their Total Income?

Actor Jordan Ladd has been in a wide variety of films, including Never Been Kissed, Cabin Fever, Death Proof, and Darkened Room. She is Cheryl Ladd’s daughter, who starred in Charlie’s Angels. David Ladd, her father, is an actor and producer as well.


Jordan Ladd Early Life

Ladd was born to Cheryl and David Ladd on January 14, 1975, in Los Angeles. Her grandfather Alan Ladd was an actor and producer, and her grandmother was also involved in the business.

When Ladd was five years old, in 1980, her parents split up. After her parents divorced, Ladd’s mother remarried music producer Brian Russel the next year, and Ladd and her step-sister Lindsay Russell spent their formative years together.

Although Ladd eventually entered the business world, he did not do so at first. Despite having renowned parents, she had a conventional high school experience in Los Angeles.

She went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, after graduating from high school there in 1993.

Jordan Ladd Career

As a child, Ladd already was making commercial appearances. She made her first commercial appearance for Polaroid when she was just two years old. She started appearing in films and TV shows while still in school, and she often teamed up with her mom.

In 1990’s “The Girl Who Came Between Them” and 1993’s “Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back,” she co-starred with her mother. But she didn’t start taking acting seriously until after she graduated from high school.

She made a cameo appearance on an episode of “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” on NBC in 1994. The next year, in 1994, she made her film debut as a supporting part in “Embrace of the Vampire.”

She continued to act in a variety of low-budget features during the rest of the ’90s, including “Inside Out,” “Nowhere,” “Stand-ins,” and “Taking the Plunge.” In 1999, she co-starred with Drew Barrymore in the teen comedy “Never Been Kissed,” which was a step up in her career.

Nearly $85 million was made from the film’s release around the world. The success of the picture increased Ladd’s visibility to new audiences.

Ladd starred in the superhero comedy “The Specials” back in the year 2000. She also had a leading role in the E! original film “Best Actress” and made an appearance in the highly regarded anthology film “Boys Life 3.” She made her acting debut in 2002’s “Cabin Fever,” Eli Roth’s first picture as director.

The picture, her debut in the horror genre, was well-received by critics and earned a respectable sum at the box office. Additionally, she made an appearance in David Lynch’s “Darkened Room” the same year.

Ladd had starring roles in two horror films in 2004: the horror comedy “Club Dread” and the horror feature “Madhouse.” In 2005, she co-starred with Anna Faris, Ryan Reynolds, and Justin Long in the indie romantic comedy “Waiting…”, which has since become a cult favorite. She made a cameo appearance alongside her mother in David Lynch’s “Inland Empire” in 2006.

She landed a role in the 2007 Quentin Tarantino film “Death Proof.” Her other film credits include “Death Proof,” an exploitation horror film in which she co-starred with Rosario Dawson, Tracie Thoms, Zoe Bell, and Kurt Russell. There were many positive reviews written about the picture, even though it bombed at the box office.

She was also in “Hostel 2.” Grace, a 2009 horror film, marked her second appearance in the genre. It was shown at numerous festivals across North America and garnered overwhelmingly excellent reviews. She also starred in the TV movie The Wishing Well that same year.

To kick off the new decade, Ladd was in the hilarious “First Dates” short film. The film’s premiere took place at the AFI Screening Room in Los Angeles, and it followed numerous singles as they navigated the dating market.

A year later, in 2012, she was the leading lady in “Awaken,” a fantasy romance that made its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival. She had roles that year in both the catastrophe movie “Air Collision” and the thriller “Murder on the 13th Floor.”

In 2015, Ladd appeared as a special guest star in a John Fitzpatrick-helmed episode of the YouTube horror anthology series Scary Endings. She reunited with Fitzpatrick the following year to star alongside Adam J. Yeend and Annika Marks in the short horror film “Brentwood Strangler.”

The final product ran for just 19 minutes and had its world premiere at film festivals in North America and Australia. Both the film and Ladd’s performance in it were praised by critics. Ladd was featured in the 2017 TV movie “Stage Fright,” which was a psychological thriller. Blue Line,” an indie drama, also featured her.

Jordan Ladd Net Worth

Jordan Ladd Net Worth

American actress Jordan Ladd has a $1 million fortune. Actor Jordan Ladd has been in a wide variety of films, including Never Been Kissed, Cabin Fever, Death Proof, and Darkened Room.

Jordan Ladd Personal Life

Ladd finally tied the knot with longtime beau Conor O’Neill in 2001. O’Neill’s day job was as a film editor for docs. In July 2005, the couple officially separated. Since the end of their romance, Ladd has kept her personal life under wraps and has not been seen in public with anybody else. You can check TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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