Who Is The Husband Of Joseline Hernandez? Is The Actress Married To Balistic Beats?

Born in Puerto Rico, Joseline Hernandez is a multitalented performer in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in all six seasons of the hit movie series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, in which she plays a major role. Her breakthrough came after she began appearing on VH1 reality shows. The reality television star now refers to herself as The Puerto Rican Princess, a title she takes great delight in.

Joseline was featured on the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which premiered in 2012, after being spotted by Stevie J at Atlanta’s Onyx Club. She became Stevie’s new artist, and rumors spread that he was cheating on his girlfriend, Mimi Faust, which made them fight.

Hernandez, Stevie, and Mimi’s love problem inspired the plot of the reality show. Thankfully for Hernandez, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta became one of VH1’s most popular shows, which increased her fame and brought her significant media exposure. She was present at the AVN Awards in 2013, the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2013, and the BET Awards in 2015.

After having disagreements with the show’s creator and producers, she left the show in June of 2017. Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood was a spinoff in which she and her spouse co-starred. She has gone on to star in numerous television series since leaving her first major show. Joseline’s Cabaret, her long-running act, is still performing.

Joseline Hernandez Husband
Joseline Hernandez Husband

Hernandez has been regularly releasing dancehall and reggae tunes since she first appeared on Love & Hip Hop in 2012. Stingy with My Kutty Katt, which featured Stevie J, was one of them. She has about 16 songs, four of which came out in 2021.

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Who Is Joseline Hernandez’s Husband?

The TV star has had numerous affairs and romances over her time in the entertainment industry. She allegedly married Stevie J in 2013, and the couple had a girl named Bonnie Bella Jordan. On December 28, 2016, Joseline Hernandez gave birth to her first child. Joseline Hernandez posted an official tweet which you may see below.

After being together for a while, Joseline Hernandez’s husband eventually admitted that their marriage was a publicity stunt. Their relationship suffered as a result, and their split was highlighted in the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

The tension between them led to an argument about who should have custody of the child. Stevie J said in 2019 that Hernandez had kept him from seeing his daughter for a while.

The actress isn’t married right now, as revealed by many sources. But it is known that she has been dating Balistic Beats since 2017 and that they got engaged in 2020, as shown by a picture posted on the official Instagram account of Balistic Beats. There has been no confirmation that they actually got married.

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