Kantara OTT Release Date: Kantara Hindi Box Office Reports

After its release on September 30th, Rishabh Shetty saw an outpouring of praise from Kannada viewers for his writing, acting, and directing in the film Kantara. The film was originally only going to be released in Hindi, but the producers later decided to expand its reach to include other Indian languages.

Since its theatrical debut on October 20th, the film has been seen by over 200 million people all over the world, making it the highest-grossing Malayalam film of all time.


Kantara Hindi Box Office Reports

The Hindi version of this film premieres on October 15 and has been receiving surprising reviews every day since. In a year where movies like Code: Name Tiranga and Doctor G with A-list performers barely registered, this Kannada film is on track for between Rs 40 and 50 cr.

The collection on day 12 is larger than the first day’s collection:

Kantara Hindi OTT Release Date

Reportedly, Amazon Prime Video has acquired the digital rights to the film Kantara, but since it is currently enjoying a successful run at the box office with Hindi audiences in particular raving about it an OTT release, which was previously expected for the second or fourth week of November, is now looking increasingly unlikely.

Not only is Kantara doing well at the box office, but its IMDb rating of 9.3 is also unexpectedly high, even 25 days after its first release.

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