Kathy Hilton Net Worth 2022: American Actress, Socialite, Fashion Designer And Philanthropist

Kathy Hilton’s net worth in 2022, along with further information such as her wiki, bio, age, parents, spouse, and more will be discussed in this article.

American actress, socialite, and designer Kathy Hilton is also active in charity work. There are several films in which she played a significant role; 1979’s The Dark and 1987’s Live on the Air with Captain Midnight are two examples. She is the biological mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton and the half-sister of Kim and Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Kathy Hilton Net Worth 2022Bio, Age, Parents, Wife & More

The American-born socialite Kathy Hilton was born on March 13, 1959. On the eve of the year 2022, she will have reached the age of 63. When searching online, I came up empty when looking for information on where Kathy Hilton went to school. L.A.’s Montclair College Preparatory School is where Kathy Hilton earned her diploma. Although her ancestry is unknown, she is an American citizen. About 5 feet 4 inches tall and 56 kg heavy, Kathy Hilton is a model with a slim build.

Kathleen Richards (mother) and Laurence K. Avanzino (father) are Kathy Hilton’s full names (father). She is of Italian and Irish descent, thanks to her father and mother. Kathy Hilton’s mother later married Kenneth E. Richards after her parents split.

There is a husband and wife team in Kathy Hilton’s life. At the age of 20, Kathy Hilton wed Richard Hilton on November 24, 1979. Paris Hilton (born in 1981), Nicky Hilton (born in 1983), Barron Nicholas Hilton II (born in 1989), and Conrad Hughes Hilton III (born in 1993) are their four children (born in 1994). Nicky has given her three grandkids, and Barron has given her two more.

Kathy Hilton Net Worth 2022

Kathy Hilton’s wealth remains unknown. We will add to this if we learn more.

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